How Kids and Seniors Can Have Fun Together

It is amazing seeing your elderly loved ones during the holidays. However, you may worry that they are isolated once they return home. One way to keep your elderly relatives active is to arrange for activities with the children of the family. There are a lot of fun things to keep kids and adults occupied and enjoying special time together.


3 Fun Ways to Keep Active

  1. Writing and Illustrating Stories

Children have incredible imaginations, so writing stories comes easily to them. You can encourage children to create a story about their favorite toys while adults can write about anything appropriate for children. The two can even write a story together and then illustrate it with crayons, markers or paint to create a handmade book.


  1. Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun family activity you can do almost anytime. It is an outdoor treasure hunt. You look for containers (caches) filled with various items that are hidden by other people. When you locate a cache, you take out one object and replace it with your own trinket for another person to find. You can find geocaches by downloading their app or going to their website:


  1. Baking Cookies

Another fun activity for both kids and seniors is to bake cookies together. One of the best parts about baking cookies is the variety of cookie cutters available. Everyone can bake cookies in the shapes of their favorite things and decorate the cookies.


Other Ways to Help Elderly Loved Ones

When the kids are back in school, that does not mean your elderly relative has to be left alone. If your relative needs in home care Bristol CT residents can use the services of a home health aide provided to them by Always Best Care. These people are professional caregivers and help in a variety of ways. Many seniors just need a little assistance with their daily routine such as cooking or shopping, while others need help with bathing and getting dressed.

A companion is one way to help your loved one stay active in the community. If you are employing elderly care Bristol CT residents can also enjoy local activities such as the Mum Festival, Barnes Nature Center, American Clocks and Watch Museum, and Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum. The in-home caregivers staffed by Always Best Care provide top-notch services so you know your elderly loved one is in good hands.


If you are looking for excellent senior care Bristol CT residents rely on Always Best Care, a premier home health staffing agency for companion care. For more information about our services, contact our Bristol, CT office at 860-261-4405 or email [email protected]


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