Eliminate the Risks of Aging Alone with Non Medical Home Care

Eliminate the Risks of Aging Alone with Non Medical Home Care

According to the Administration on Aging, about 20% of men and 36% of women over the age of 65 currently live alone in Katy, Texas. These seniors face unique challenges and health risks compared to the population of older adults still living with family or spouses. But all of these risks are easily eliminated with the help of our non medical home care program. Today’s post explains how.

Eliminating the Risks of Aging Alone With Non Medical Home Care

  • Social isolation. While some seniors live alone and enjoy active social lives, many more live in extreme social isolation. The Journal of Gerontology has linked social isolation to a whole range of physical and mental health problems, including greater risk of depression, lower immune system function, higher all-cause mortality rates, and more.Fortunately, the risks of social isolation are easily eliminated with non medical home care. Our caretakers are all great listeners who come prepared with board games, fun activities like scrapbooking, and a big appetite for conversation. We invest a great deal of effort into our initial matchmaking process to ensure there’s good chemistry between caregiver and recipient, and many of our pairings evolve into meaningful friendships over time.

    Additionally, our non medical home care team can help your loved one connect with nearby friends and family, as well as those that may live out of town. We will provide full transportation and ongoing care for your loved one as they attend family gatherings, social events, religious ceremonies, and anything else they need to feel connected to their community.

  • Lack of support during an emergency. This nearly goes without saying. If your loved one slips and falls in the shower or badly cuts themselves in the kitchen, having somebody close by to help can be the difference between a minor injury and life-threatening hospitalization.Even before crisis hits, your loved one may live in fear. What better way to put their minds at ease and mitigate risk in the event of an emergency than to keep a highly trained senior care worker on hand?
  • Greater risk of slip and fall injury. The risk of falling increases dramatically after age 65, especially for those who live alone and may not be maintaining the home. In these cases, clutter, poor lighting, and carpet ripples can all greater increase the risk of slipping and falling. Many falls also happen when seniors with mobility issues struggle with the activities of daily living (ADLs), such as getting dressed or bathing.You can dramatically lower the risk of slip and fall injury with non medical home care. Our support staff will happily complete light home maintenance tasks and keep your walkways well-lit and clutter-free. Additionally, we provide full assistance with the activities of daily living so that your loved one never has to face a potential fall hazard alone.
  • Higher likelihood of malnutrition. Elderly Texans who live alone are at greater risk of malnutrition due to a wide range of factors, including depression, anxiety, poverty, mobility issues/problems with ADLs, and basic nutritional ignorance.With non medical home care assistance, everything is taken care of. We shop for groceries, prepare meals, monitor eating, and clean up afterwards. In this way, Always Best Care SW Houston (Katy) ensures that our senior community is getting everything they need to keep their minds and bodies healthy for longer.

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