Does Diet Fight Dementia? Starting Mom And Dad On The ‘Mind Diet’ With Senior Care

Does Diet Fight Dementia? Starting Mom And Dad On The ‘Mind Diet’ With Senior Care

Today’s post discusses how Katy seniors can fight dementia through diet, and how our senior care team can help you effortlessly implement these dietary changes for better brain health!

Introducing The MIND Diet For Sw Houston (Katy) Seniors

Can eating specific foods prevent or delay the onset of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease? The answer is yes, according to several studies cited by the National Institute on Aging; physical activity, blood pressure management, and cognitive training remain keys to treatment and prevention, but there are such things as “dementia-fighting diets.”

In fact, several such dementia-fighting foods and diets have been identified. For example, the Mediterranean diet, the MIND diet, and other healthy eating plans have been associated with serious cognitive benefits.

Though researchers are still working to fully understand the underlying mechanisms, it’s possible that eating certain foods lowers oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which increase Alzheimer’s risk. Alternatively, diet may work indirectly by reducing other dementia risk factors, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Whatever the underlying reason, science says it works!

Implementing The Mind Diet With Senior Care In SW Houston (Katy), Texas

The MIND (Mediterranean Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) has been shown to lower blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, observational studies of more than 900 dementia-free older adults have shown that the MIND diet is linked to lower risk for Alzheimer’s and slower cognitive decline.

And best of all, it’s dead easy–you’re encouraged to eat from 10 healthy food groups and limit foods from five “unhealthy” food groups as follows:

  • Leafy green vegetables—at least 6 servings/week
  • Other vegetables—at least 1 serving/day
  • Berries—at least 2 servings/week
  • Whole grains—at least 3 servings/day
  • Fish—1 serving/week
  • Poultry—2 servings/week
  • Beans—3 servings/week
  • Nuts—5 servings/week
  • Wine—1 glass/day at most
  • Olive oil as a substitute for other cooking fats
  • Limited servings of red meat, sweets, cheese, butter/margarine, fast/fried food

If this seems daunting, don’t worry–our senior care team can help!

Perfect Mind Diet Compliance With Senior Care In SW Houston (Katy), Texas

Don’t have the time to buy and prepare fresh ingredients that fit the MIND diet? You’re not alone. Hundreds of families in SW Houston (Katy), Texas struggle enough to balance basic caregiving and career duties without having to take on the role of personal chef and dietician. But we can help.

Our senior care team can shop for MIND diet ingredients, prepare fresh and healthy dishes suited to your loved one’s unique tastes, keep them company at meal time, then clean up afterwards. All your loved one needs to do is show up hungry, and all you need to do is ask how we can help. It’s really that simple!

Free Senior Care Consultation In Southwest Houston (Katy), Texas

The first step in implementing the “Mind Diet” for your loved one is booking a personal consultation with a Care Coordinator at no charge to you. In our meeting, we will thoroughly discuss your care needs, create a detailed care plan, and work with you on financing and logistics. We can also discuss dietary preferences, meal plan services, and other dementia care services we offer.

Call 281-231-2813 or visit the Always Best Care of SW Houston (Katy) website to book your 100% free consultation. There is never any obligation to buy or sales pressure–we just want to explain how we’ve helped families throughout Katy, Texas and the surrounding areas.


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