Senior Home Care & Assisted Living Services in Sugar Land, Texas

Always Best Care of SW Houston (Katy) offers a wide array of services designed to help seniors and those who live with disabilities manage their lives and look after themselves. But even though the list of services we offer is long and varied, all of our services can be divided into one of two broad categories: In-home Care and Senior Assisted Living Services.

In-Home Care in Sugar Land, Texas

Always Best Care offers the best in-home care that seniors can receive in the Houston area. Seniors in Katy and Southwest Houston can avail themselves of Always Best Care’s in-home care services instead of moving into a senior care facility. Always Best Care of SW Houston (Katy) strives to offer all the services one would expect to receive in an assisted living community, except delivered in your own home.

Always Best Care of SW Houston (Katy) offers a number of different in-home care service packages. While all of our services are catered to the client in question, our in-home care services can be divided into three subcategories:

  • Companionship Services Sugar Land, Texas

    Seniors are at a higher risk of isolation than any other age group. Isolation can lead to depression which can lead to further health problems. Companionship services can prevent and mitigate all of this by giving seniors somebody to whom they can talk, play games with, reminisce, and who will help them to plan visits and trips.

  • Home Helper Services Sugar Land, Texas

    Some seniors are urged into moving into a senior care facility not because they can’t take care of themselves but because managing their homes is becoming difficult. We at Always best Care of SW Houston (Katy) thinks this is wrong. We can provide home helper services to help seniors with the laundry, grocery shopping, dusting, vacuuming, pet care, and a number of other chores and errands.

  • Personal Care Services Sugar Land, Texas

    Personal care services are for seniors in Katy and Southwest Houston who require help with self-care. These services can involve help with eating, grooming/bathing, getting in and out of bed/wheelchairs, incontinence/toileting, and more.

Senior Assisted Living Services in Sugar Land, Texas

For some seniors and their families, assisted living is the prefered option. Assisted living communities are one type of senior care facility. Retirement homes are another kind, but these typically involve very little (if any) senior care. Nursing homes, on the other hand, specialize in caring for seniors who need a lot of care. Assisted living communities help all the seniors who are somewhere in between. Assisted living communities are designed to give seniors and those living with disabilities all the care they need while allowing them as much independence as possible.

There are several assisted living communities in the Houston area. It can be difficult to know which is the best fit for you/the senior in your life. That’s where Always Best Care of SW Houston (Katy) can help. We can inform you about your choices and connect you to the assisted living communities in Houston and Katy. We can provide this service free of charge to you as we have a referral system in place with the Houston area’s best assisted living communities.