4 Ways to Avoid Caregiver Fatigue with Senior Care Services

4 Ways to Avoid Caregiver Fatigue with Senior Care Services in Katy

Family caregivers in Texas provided 3.1 billion hours of care—worth more than $35 billion—to their parents, spouses, partners, and other adult loved ones in 2013, according to AARP Public Policy Institute’s new report, Valuing the Invaluable: 2015 Update.

Even more shocking, more than half (55 percent) of family caregivers report being overwhelmed by the amount of care their family member needs

Since 2013, the senior population has only continued to grow, leaving even more Katy, Texas residents overwhelmed in unexpected positions as full-time caregivers.

Caregiver fatigue and caregiver burden pose serious health risks, but senior care services can help keep you safe.

To that end, today’s post runs down 4 ways to avoid caregiver fatigue with the help of Always Best Care SW Houston (Katy)’s senior care services:

  • Take the day off. The most obvious way to combat caregiver fatigue is to take time off to recharge. Unfortunately, for some families, that’s easier said than done. If you’re the sole family caregiver, you might feel trapped. But don’t despair: there are plenty of resources you can use to find respite when needed, from adult day care to customizable senior care services like ours.
  • Eat healthy meals. Eating a nutritious diet will keep your energy levels high and health risks low. Studies have shown that processed foods and refined sugars actually disrupt sleep and increase inflammation in the body. Seniors should be eating well anyways, and sharing healthy meals with your loved one is a great way to bond.Our senior care services help family caregivers eat better in a number of ways. First, the respite we offer gives family caregivers the time and energy they need to shop for and prepare fresh, healthy meals. Second, our healthy meal preparation service can inspire you to do the same in your own kitchen (and you wouldn’t be the first client to score a plate of whatever mom or dad is having for dinner, either!). Finally, our senior care staff’s nutrition literacy training might rub off on you, helping you make healthier choices that will keep you feeling great late in life.
  • Find time for exercise. It may sound crazy that spending energy via exercise can actually produce more in the long run, but it’s true. Staying active can also improve your mood by venting frustration and releasing post-exercise endorphins that renew the spirit. Of course, getting in great shape also make demanding care work more manageable and less fatiguing.Senior care services allow you to make time for exercise whenever it works for you. We offer respite 24/7, so you never have to miss a workout or let that motivation go to waste. If you’d like to exercise alongside your loved one, we can also connect you with some community-based group senior exercise programs in Katy, Texas.
  • Find empathetic ears and vent. Take time each week to vent to family members or friends who are going through similar trials. More than 34-million Americans now identify as the sole primary caregiver for their aging spouse or parent, so finding someone to empathize with will be easier than you think! Venting in this way will not only allow you to release some of the stress and tension built up inside you, but may also help you discover some senior care solutions you hadn’t thought of.If you need help finding someone empathetic, contact your senior care services provider. You can vent directly to your home care worker–we’ve heard it all–or you can enquire about local Katy, Texas caregiver communities. Many of these individuals gather in weekly or monthly meetings to vent and discuss their issues.

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