4 Ways Always Best Senior Services Supports Older Adults With Dementia

4 Ways Always Best Senior Services Supports Older Adults With Dementia

Thousands of seniors in SW Houston (Katy) now live with dementia. Today’s post explains 4 ways Always Best senior services help these individuals maintain their comfort and quality of life for longer.

Always Best Senior Services Help You Clarify The Diagnoses

While it’s perfectly normal for aging adults forget the odd name or experience a bit of memory fog here and there, those who appear to have persistent memory and thinking problems should see their primary care physician as soon as possible.

The doctor may refer your loved one to a specialist, such as a neuropsychologist or geriatric psychiatrist, for a complete medical workup that includes brain imaging. While there’s no single test that can verify Alzheimer’s disease, your doctor will be able to rule out other common causes of memory problems, including depression and medication misuse. Once these factors are eliminated, it becomes much easier to arrive at a clear diagnosis.

Clarifying the diagnosis is critical. Here’s a few ways Always Best senior services can help:

  • Always Best senior services can help you recognize warning signs. Is your loved one misplacing items? Are they often confused with time or place? Are they making unwise financial decisions? Being in charge of your loved one’s daily care puts us in the perfect position to spot these early warning signs so you can inform your doctor.
  • Always Best senior services can you help record the facts. Whether you need to record worrying behaviors or key points discussed during medical appointments, our team is standing by to help.
  • Always Best senior services improves care access. We will book your appointment, remind your loved one as the date approaches, and provide fully supported transportation to-and-from!

Always Best Senior Services Prevent Social Isolation

Dementia can be extremely isolating. Many individuals stop going out in public as their dementia progresses, which greatly reduces the number of social interactions they can have in a given day. This can quickly lead to social isolation, which only exacerbates dementia symptoms and comorbid depression.

But Always Best senior services can help. Our Companion Care program is designed to keep your loved one entertained, engaged, and mentally stimulated with regular social visits. We can also help your loved one with hosting friends and family, and accompany them on outings as they engage with the SW Houston (Katy) senior community.

Always Best Senior Services Free Up Time For Memory-making

Respite care isn’t always about getting away from your loved one–it’s often about getting closer to them. With Always Best senior services keeping your loved one safe, comfortable, and happy, you can focus 100% of your time and energy on making great memories with mom and dad.

Always Best Senior Services Coordinates Sw Houston Care Teams

In a recent article by the AARP, senior caregivers were advised to build a care team beyond the medical professionals directly involved with your loved one. That means branching out to friends, family, and community resources to form a larger network of “caregiving helpmates.”

Always Best senior services makes it easy. In addition to freeing up your time to connect with friends and family, we can draw from our extensive professional network of local SW Houston (Katy) senior care resources to give you all the support you need.

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