Senior Care In El Paso, TX: Take Your Fall Prevention Plan To The Next Level

Senior Care In El Paso, TX: Take Your Fall Prevention Plan To The Next Level

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Texas has one of the highest rates of senior slip-and-fall injuries in the nation, with an estimated 33.9% of older adults having reported a serious fall this year, far exceeding the national average of 28%.

Fortunately, most falls are preventable, and with the help of our senior care teams, you can fall-proof your loved ones even between care visits!

Read on to learn how we help local families level-up their fall prevention plans with cutting-edge technology, healthy behavioral modification, and home hazard reduction, or call (915)-250-0177 to get a free quote on any senior care service.

Level-Up Your Fall Prevention Plan With Senior Care Services In El Paso, TX

  • Incorporate fall-prevention technology as part of your senior care plan. When you work with Always Best Care, you not only get on-demand safety monitoring and full support with activities of daily living; you also get access to some of the most effective fall-prevention technologies available today.

    For example, using our Balance Tracking System allows you to both evaluate your loved one’s postural sway, which is a known predictor of fall risk, and track any progress from diet, physical therapy, and exercise. We also give our clients the option of signing up for the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service, which increases senior independence with fall detection technology that places a call for help automatically.

  • Fall-proof the home with senior care services. According to the Public Health Nursing journal, 28-35% of falls occur in the home care environment, and most can be prevented through home and environmental hazards modification (Campani et al., 2021). To that end, our senior care teams can declutter the home, install proper lighting, purchase anti-slip mats, grip slippers, and/or grab bars, and remove common tripping hazards, like loose cords and throw rugs.
  • Implement a fall-prevention diet. Believe it or not, the foods you eat can drastically affect your fall risk. For example, one study by the Clinical Nutrition journal found that seniors who followed the Mediterranean diet had significantly lower risk of falling, and those who did fall had faster recovery times and lower recovery costs (Ballesteros et al., 2020). Whether your loved one wants to experiment with the Mediterranean diet or simply incorporate more protein and calcium for muscle strength and bone density, our senior care teams make it easy, providing full support with grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up.
  • Get more active with senior care teams. If your loved one needs help getting active, our senior care team makes it easy. We can accompany them on gentle walks, help them find senior-friendly exercise classes, purchase home gym equipment, research free fitness instructionals, and more—whatever fits your loved one’s lifestyle and budget best.

Book A Free Senior Care Consultation In El Paso, TX

Combining national strength and standards with local accessibility and personal service, Always Best Care is a leading provider of custom senior care and fall prevention solutions throughout West & Central El Paso, including the communities of:

  • Vinton
  • Prado Verde
  • Anthony
  • Westway
  • Canutillo, and beyond

To learn more about how we’re supporting older adults’ safety, comfort, and quality of life, and to get a free quote on any senior care plan, you can call (915)-250-0177 or fill out our online contact form.


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