Qualified Care Anywhere: Take Your In-Home Care Team With You in El Paso, TX

Qualified Care Anywhere: Take Your In-Home Care Team with You in El Paso, TX

With the worst of the pandemic now behind us, it’s time for El Paso seniors to get out and reconnect with their community. But for some of us, that’s easier said than done.

According to one study by the Milbank Quarterly, nearly half of US seniors now require support with the activities of daily living (ADLs), and these individuals will need the help of in-home care services like ours, both to age in place and get out of the house successfully (Freeman & Spillman, 2014).

Don’t worry: if you’re already taking advantage of our in-home care services, you’ve got everything you need to make any excursion fun, safe, and stress-free. Don’t let the name fool you—our in-home care teams are available whenever and wherever you need support.

These are just a few of the ways we’ve helped El Paso seniors get out and reconnect with community over the past few months:

Take Your In-Home Care Team To Your Local Senior Center In El Paso, TX

El Paso seniors are spoiled for choice when it comes to senior center programming.

Whether your loved ones are looking to compete in the upcoming El Paso Senior Games, or they want a regular game night to look forward to, our in-home care teams make it easy to access these community amenities.

To that end, we can:

  • Help your loved ones research programs and register for events
  • Transport your loved ones to-and-from the senior center at their request
  • Join in on social events to help break the ice
  • Provide any physical support with ADLs that may be needed, and more!

And if your loved ones get sick or still aren’t comfortable in group settings, we can also help them take part in virtual events.

Take Your In-Home Care Team To Appointments In El Paso, TX

Whether they need to visit the doctor, the dentist, or the Department of Motor Vehicles, getting seniors to-and-from appointments can be tough, especially for those living with cognitive impairments, chronic conditions, or mobility restrictions. But not with our in-home care team by your side.

At home, we can help book appointments, prepare questions, and gather necessary documents. We’ll also provide reminders for the care recipient and their families, so nobody’s caught off guard and everyone’s on the same page.

On the day-of, our in-home care team can:

  • Provide physical support with ADLS to help your loved one prepare for their outing
  • Double-check to ensure all necessary questions and documents are ready
  • Provide transportation to-and-from the appointment
  • Sit-in on appointments to take notes and ensure all questions are answered
  • Update family members about the results of the appointment

Take Your In-Home Care Team To Visit With Friends And Family In El Paso, TX

Whether your loved ones want to host a gathering at home or travel across town to see friends and family, our in-home care teams will be there to support them every step of the way.

If they’d prefer to host, we can help clean, declutter, and set up the gathering space, then assist with hosting duties on the day-of (and clean up again on the day after!).

If someone else is throwing the party, we’ll provide transportation, ADL assistance, and good company, so your loved ones can focus on making great memories.

Book A Free In-Home Care Consultation In El Paso, TX

To learn more about what’s possible with our in-home care service, and get a free quote on any home-care plan, call (915)-250-0177 or fill out our online contact form.


Freedman, V. A., & Spillman, B. C. (2014). Disability and care needs among older Americans. The Milbank Quarterly, 92(3), 509-541.

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