Protecting Aging Texans Is Everybody’s Business; How Home Care Teams Help

Protecting Aging Texans Is Everybody’s Business; How Home Care Teams Help

“Aging Texans are prime targets for financial exploitation and protecting them is everyone’s business,” writes Marci Leffler, Adult Protective Services Community Engagement Specialist,  in a recent article for the Amarillo Globe-News.

At Always Best Care, we wholeheartedly agree, which is why our home care teams work so hard to stop scammers and keep seniors safe. In fact, of the 13,554 cases of “exploitation” reported to the Texas Department of Family and Protection Services (DFPS), 0 incidents occurred under the watchful eyes of our home care teams.

Read on to learn 5 ways we reduce the risks of elderly financial exploitation, or call (915)-250-0177 to speak directly with a home care coordinator in El Paso, TX.

End Exploitation: 5 Ways Home Care Teams Protect Aging Texans

  1. Home care teams help spread awareness about financial exploitation. When it comes to fighting scams, knowledge is power. In the state of Texas, October is “Elderly Financial Exploitation Awareness Month,” and we were proud to participate, sharing information with clients and colleagues to alert our community about the risks and realities of this predatory practice.

    Of course, awareness should not be limited to the month of October—as part of your standard care service, we can teach your loved ones about common scam tactics to look out for, whether they want to read official resources from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, or they prefer to watch ethical hackers dismantle scammers on YouTube!

  2. Home care teams assist with safe email and internet use. To protect your loved ones from phishing scams, fake virus-removal services, and predatory relationships, our home care team can monitor their email and internet time, block unwanted websites and emailers, and share best practices for safe browsing at your request.
  3. Home care teams help screen callers and visitors. Many financial scams are carried out by people close to the victim, but not all. For example, a common financial scam active in El Paso, TX involves the abusers going door-to-door, offering phony contracting services under false pretenses or for incredibly low prices, then disappearing after the deposits are paid. To protect your loved ones from these unwanted visitors, we’ll answer the door and only admit people we know or expect. We can also answer the phone to save your loved one’s the trouble of dealing with bots and scam callers, and we will block their numbers so they never bother you again.
  4. Home care teams help spot the signs of abuse. Many of our clients already request that we help them organize their bills and financial paperwork, which leaves us perfectly positioned to spot any signs of financial abuse, such as large money transfers, unusual expenses (e.g. large gift card purchases), or other unusual transactions. Even without access to their financial records, we can help spot common signs of financial abuse at home, including foot shortages, unpaid bills, missing items. And since our home care services are available anywhere you need support—at home, in hospital, at adult day care centers, or on excursions—your loved ones never need to be vulnerable to exploitation.
  5. Home care teams help report financial abuse. At the first sign of trouble, our home care teams will report directly to your family care coordinator, and we can also help your loved ones report the incident to the appropriate authorities, whether that’s the Texas Fraud Hotline, the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, or the police.

Stop The Scams: Schedule A Free Home Care Consultation In El Paso, TX

To learn more about how we’re reducing the risks of elderly financial exploitation, while also improving seniors all-around safety, comfort, and quality of life, you can:


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