No Power? No Problem: Stay Safe With In-Home Care In El Paso, TX

No Power? No Problem: Stay Safe with In-Home Care in El Paso, TX

Today’s post highlights the risks that power outages pose for seniors in El Paso, then explains how our in-home care services keep seniors safe in the dark.

Read on to learn more, or call (915)-250-0177 to speak directly with an in-home care coordinator in El Paso, TX.

El Paso Power Outages Leave Thousands Of Seniors In The Dark

Last month, El Paso Electric reported that more than 3,000 customers were left in the dark without any clue when they would be back on the grid. While inconvenient for all, power outages create especially high-risk situations for seniors due to:

  • Increased risk of slip-and-fall injury in the dark
  • Increased risk of structural fires when open-flame lighting sources are used
  • Increased risk of heat stroke and hypothermia due to air conditioning failures
  • Increased risk of carbon-monoxide poisoning due to improper use of generators
  • Loss of some safety communications (e.g. email and video chat) with loved ones

Fortunately, there’s plenty to be done to keep seniors safe when the power goes out, and our in-home care teams are among the most effective interventions out there.

Read on to learn how our in-home care teams are helping seniors stay safe in the dark, or call  (915)-250-0177 to speak with an in-home care coordinator straight away.

No Power? No Problem: Stay With With In-Home Care Services In El Paso, TX

The best way to keep seniors safe during power outages is to put a qualified in-home care provider by their side, and that’s what Always Best Care is all about. Whenever and wherever your loved one needs support, we’re only a phone call away.

In addition to providing safety monitoring and support with activities of daily living (ADLs), these are just a few of the ways our in-home care teams kept clients safe during last month’s unexpected power outages:

  • In-home care teams report outages to electrical companies and follow-up for repair time estimates to put your loved ones’ mind at ease
  • In-home care teams act as a reliable point of contact for concerned friends and families
  • In-home care teams can prepare fun, powerless activities, such as board games and puzzles
  • In-home care teams can unplug all electronics safely during power outages to prevent any surges as electric companies restore power
  • In-home care teams can gather safe, flameless lighting options (e.g. flashlights and LED candles) to keep the home care environment properly illuminated
  • In-home care teams can reduce the risks of improper generator usage and spot the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning sooner
  • In-home care teams can inspect food items that may have been compromised during the outage and dispose of anything that may have spoiled
  • In-home care teams can help you prepare an emergency outage kit, including non-perishable food items, heating/cooling aids, flashlights, etc.

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