Live Carefree With ABC: Solving El Paso’s “Senior Care Conundrums”

Live Carefree With ABC: Solving El Paso’s “Senior Care Conundrums”

Are you feeling torn between work and care duties? You may be experiencing a senior care conundrum, but Always Best Care can help.

Read on to learn how we support El Paso’s overburdened care communities, or call (915)-250-0177 to start a free senior care consultation straight away.

Are You Experiencing A Senior Care Conundrum?

Have you ever been unable to focus at work because you’re too worried about how mom and dad are getting along without you? Conversely, do you ever find your work worries springing up while you’re on caregiver duty, preventing you from being truly present?

If you’ve ever felt torn between your career and senior care obligations, you’ve experienced a senior care conundrum. The term first appeared in a February 2020 report for the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), wherein author Barry Jacobs, a clinical psychologist, family therapist, and healthcare consultant, describes the difficult realities of splitting time between work and senior care.

During my caregiving years, I’d find myself sitting in meetings at work fretting about how my mother was getting along,” writes Jacobs. “But when I would visit her after 5PM, I’d then be distracted by concerns about my overdue work projects. I never seemed to be fully present where I was at any given instance—to achieve what recently deceased spiritual teacher Ram Dass summed up in three simple words as ‘be here now.’”

If this sounds familiar, know you’re not alone; according to the Caregiving in the US 2020 report from the AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), 36% of family caregivers now describe their situation as “highly stressful.”

Over time, without help, stressful senior care conundrums can lead to caregiver burnout, a condition characterized by exhaustion, listlessness, and depression. And caregiver burnout hurts everyone—your work, your care, and your quality of life all suffer.

Solve Your Senior Care Conundrum With Always Best Care

In his AARP report, Jacobs recommends practicing mindfulness, shifting mindsets, and “taking an observer’s stance,” but while these wellness strategies can help you manage symptoms, they won’t cut to the root of the problem, and they won’t give you respite.

As you continue to cultivate these coping skills, don’t hesitate to seek respite from our senior care team—you could solve your senior care conundrum and lift the care burden with a single phone call!

Since the very first day we opened our doors for business, we’ve been helping El Paso families live carefree, delivering premium senior care services that provide peace of mind for caregiver and care recipient alike.

With our senior care team on your side, caregiver stress melts away, freeing up your focus for productive work and meaningful reconnections with friends and family we may have been neglecting.

To learn more about our senior care plans, visit the Care Services page, or call Carlos Camacho Jr. at (915)-250-0177 to start a free senior care consultation.

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