Keep Mom And Dad Safe On The Road With Senior Care Services

Keep Mom And Dad Safe On The Road With Senior Care Services

Today’s post is all about how our senior care service helps keep older adult drivers safe in El Paso, TX.

Read on to learn how we can maintain your loved one’s mobility and independence for longer, or call (915)-250-0177 to start a free senior care consultation.

Senior Care Services Keep Mom And Dad Safer On The Road

Flying in the face of the popular notion that “older drivers are dangerous,” a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that drivers aged 70 and older reported fewer crashes per mile than their middle-aged counterparts between 1997 to 2018.

But why?

“Probably the most important element is that older people have become healthier as a group,” said Jessica Cicchino, vice president for research at the IIHS, in an interview with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

Thanks to advanced medical technology, deeper understanding of nutrition and exercise science, and the efforts of senior care services like ours, the older drivers of today experience less cognitive, visual, and motor decline, which drastically increases road safety.

And healthier seniors not only experience fewer crashes; they’re also much more likely to survive and recover from an accident that “might have killed someone the same age in decades past,” says Jon Antin, director of the Center for Vulnerable Road User Safety.

If mom and dad want to maintain their driving independence for longer, our senior care services can help. Our senior care service is designed to promote healthy habits that facilitate successful aging, such as:

  • Healthy eating—We prepare fresh, healthy meals, providing real nutrition with fast-food convenience
  • Restorative sleep—We implement healthy bedtime routines, limit caffeine intake after lunch, optimize the bedroom environment, and provide the peace of mind needed for deep, restorative sleep
  • Exercise—We can purchase home exercise equipment, accompany your loved one on gentle walks, and help your loved one sign up for free exercise classes in El Paso
  • Improved communication/compliance with healthcare providers—We can help book appointments with specialists, implement home exercise and advice (e.g. physical therapy exercises or dietary restrictions as recommended), and assist with medication management

Leave The Driving Up To Us: Eliminate Road Risks With Senior Care

Maybe your loved one isn’t comfortable driving any more, or you think it’s time they hang up their keys for good. In either case, there’s no need to accept any new mobility restrictions—not with the help of our senior care team!

Just as we reduce physical mobility restrictions by supporting seniors through the activities of daily living (ADLs), we also eliminate driving mobility restrictions by providing transportation, wherever and whenever it’s needed. In this way, El Paso seniors can eliminate road safety risks, without losing a single mote of mobility.

Free Quote On Professional Senior Care Service In El Paso, TX

To learn more about how we’re helping El Paso’s seniors maintain their independence, while also improving their safety, comfort, and quality of life, call (915)-250-0177 or book your consultation online via the Always Best Care website.

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