In-Home Care Services: Keeping Seniors Safe Through El Paso’s Storm Seasons

In-Home Care Services: Keeping Seniors Safe Through El Paso’s Storm Seasons

The holidays are behind us and the new year has begun, but the threat of winter storms—and the memory of last February’s winter power outages—has yet to pass.

In fact, just last month, temperatures dropped to the single digits in Texas as a record-breaking winter storm ravaged the US from coast-to-coast, raising in-home care concerns for seniors across the state.

But don’t worry: there’s plenty you can do to keep your loved ones safe at home through storm season, and our in-home care services are here to help.

Read on to learn some of the steps we’ve taken to keep El Paso seniors safe, comfortable, and healthy at home, or call (915)-250-0177 to speak directly with an in-home care coordinator near you.

Shelter From The Storm: Stay Safe With El Paso’s In-Home Care Services

Last February, our in-home care teams helped hundreds of El Paso residents stay safe through widespread winter power outages, delivering supplies, providing wellness check-ins, and keeping seniors socially connected while they sheltered in place. This year, the weather has been much milder, but our team remains prepared for whatever may come.

To keep your loved ones safe and your family total peace of mind, even during the worst of storm season, our in-home care teams can:

  • Assist with medication management, ensuring your loved one has what they need while sheltering in place, and making trips to the pharmacist as required
  • Keep your loved one’s home stocked with emergency supplies, including bottled water, non-perishable foods, generators, backup lights, and all the other essentials
  • Help stormproof the home, removing debris and loose items from the yard to prevent damage in high winds, scheduling roof repairs as needed, checking gutters, and more
  • Monitor the use of any generators or indoor heaters during outages to ensure proper ventilation and eliminate potential fire hazards
  • Create a physical copy of your loved one’s primary contact information (e.g. emergency phone numbers, pharmacy contact information, etc) so that their social and medical wellbeing is not affected by unexpected outages powering down devices
  • Provide social support while sheltering in place, including in-person visits and assistance connecting with loved ones via video chats, email, and phone calls
  • Ensure your loved ones are dressed for the weather to eliminate the risks of hypothermia and hyperthermia and reduce their reliance on expensive home heating/cooling systems

As always, this is not an exhaustive list, just a sampling of some of the ways we’ve supported our clients over the years. Our in-home care services are always 100% personalized to the individual, so no care needs go unmet, and you only pay for the help you need.

Learn More About In-home Care Services In El Paso, TX

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