Foster Mental And Emotional Wellbeing With Respite Care In El Paso, TX

Foster Mental And Emotional Wellbeing With Respite Care In El Paso, TX

The mental and emotional risks of caregiver burnout are real, but our respite care service is designed to help. Read on to learn how we boost brain health for both caregivers and recipients, or call (915)-250-0177 to speak with a respite care specialist in El Paso straight away.

The Mental And Emotional Risks Of Caregiver Burnout Are Real—And They’re Affecting Your Loved One, Too

“There is increasing evidence that subjective caregiver burden is an important determinant of clinically significant anxiety in family carers,” states a new senior research report.

But for the research team, and certainly for El Paso’s overburdened caregivers, this likely comes as no surprise.

After all, “research has consistently shown that informal family caregiving is often a burdensome role with negative consequences on carers’ physical and emotional health.”

Some of the mental and emotional risks of caregiver burden identified in the literature include:

  • Increased risk of experience depressive disorders
  • Increased risk of anxiety symptoms
  • Caregiver stress syndrome, which is characterized by mental exhaustion, anger, rage, or guilt from unrelieved caring

In El Paso, the majority of informal caregivers are now at risk. According to A Profile of Informal Caregiving in Texas, there are now 3.4 million people providing informal care, valued at approximately $35.5 billion annually, in the Lone Star State. Of those 3.4 million, as many as 75% are simultaneously working full or part-time jobs, and caring for two generations of family (children and parents). Torn between competing responsibilities of career and multi-generational care, burnout has become “the new normal” for many of El Paso’s caregiving heroes.

But caregivers aren’t the only ones whose mental and emotional health are at risk. Many care recipients are also feeling the effects of caregiver burnout in the form of:

  • Increased tension between family caregivers, sometimes leading to caregiver resentment
  • Increased feelings of guilt as they watch their family caregivers burning the candle at both ends
  • Unmet care needs resulting from an unwillingness to ask for extra help

How To Foster Mental And Emotional Well-Being With Respite Care

If your family is feeling the caregiver burden, don’t fret—Always Best Care is here to help! Our service is designed to enhance mental and emotional wellness, not only by giving caregivers and recipients a break, but also by:

  • Promoting lifestyle factors associated with improved mental and emotional health, such as healthy eating, daily exercise, proper medication management, and more
  • Fostering better communication between caregivers and care recipients from the very first care consultation
  • Providing an opportunity for family members to reconnect outside of the context of care
  • Identifying unmet care needs

Find Peace Of Mind: Free Quote On Respite Care Service In El Paso, TX

Since 1996, Always Best Care has been helping families reduce care conflicts and prevent caregiver burnout with fast and affordable respite care solutions. Today, we’re proud to bring the same trusted respite care to families throughout El Paso and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Canutillo
  • Sunland Park
  • Vinton, and beyond!

Our respite care service is available whenever and wherever it’s needed, and every plan is tailored to the individual’s unique care needs and budget.

Call Carlos Camacho Jr. at (915)-250-0177 or visit the Always Best Care of El Paso website to book a free consultation and get a same-day quote on our personalized respite care services.

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