Caregivers Keep Seniors Safe, Cool, And Mobile Through El Paso Summers

Caregivers Keep Seniors Safe, Cool, And Mobile Through El Paso Summers

Triple-digit temperatures, stuffy home care environments, and poor mobility is a deadly combination, and it’s putting El Paso seniors at risk. But all heat-related illnesses can be prevented, and our caregivers are working hard to keep older adults safe, cool, and mobile through the worst of the heat wave.

Read on to learn how poor mobility increases the risk of heat-related health issues for El Paso seniors, and how our caregivers are helping out, or call (915)-250-0177 to discuss your loved one’s unique care needs with our caregiver coordinators in El Paso, TX.

Poor Mobility Ups Risk Of Heat-Related Issues For El Paso Seniors

While El Paso seniors have been spared the worst of the heat wave that’s breaking records all across Texas, they’ve still had their share of triple-digit days, which put older adults at serious risk of heat-related illnesses, known collectively as hyperthermia, which may include:

  • Heat stroke
  • Heat edema
  • Heat syncope
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat cramps, and more

Fortunately, hyperthermia is 100% preventable, even for seniors at higher risk due to inefficient sweat glands, heart, lung, and kidney disease, high blood pressure, or certain medications that reduce sweating.

But in order to stay safe, seniors need to be mobile.

After all, without adequate mobility, seniors cannot safely implement our tips to beat the heat, such as:

  • Moving to colder parts of the home
  • Covering windows with blinds or curtains to create shade
  • Setting up fans in strategic areas
  • Actively managing the thermostat for low-cost cooling
  • Preparing cold baths and showers for additional cooling

Trying any of these cooling tricks with limited mobility and no help could make the situation worse, leading your loved ones to overexert themselves and increase their core temperature, or worse, resulting in a slip-and-fall injury that leaves them helpless in the heat.

Similarly, if your loved ones lack reliable transportation options, they won’t be able to get out of the house and visit El Paso’s cooling centers when they need them most.

Fortunately, our caregivers are here to help. Not only can we keep the home environment cool, but our services often improve senior mobility levels over time, as they benefit from greater access to physical therapy, support with rehabilitation exercises at home, healthy diets, and less daily inflammation as we put our helping hands to work. Additionally, we offer reliable, COVID-safe transportation services whenever and wherever they’re needed, so your loved ones always have easy access to A/C, whether it’s at one of El Paso’s cooling centers or the home of a friend or family member.

To date, our caregivers teams have helped hundreds of El Paso seniors thrive through scorching summers, and we can do the same for your loved ones.

Connect With Caregivers In El Paso, TX: Free Quote On Services

Our team of qualified caregivers proudly serves families throughout West & Central El Paso, including the communities of Canutillo, Vinton, and beyond.

Along with the services described above, we offer a complete continuum of non-medical in-home care, and our caregivers can help you find any assisted living facilities, memory care services, or Philips Lifeline Medical Alert services that may be needed to fulfill your vision of successful aging.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee:

  • All employees are our own—no contractors or blind hires
  • Superior caregiver quality—every caregiver is carefully vetted through preliminary screenings, reference checks, initial and ongoing skill training, stringent performance monitoring and frequent reviews
  • Client-caregiver compatibility—we go above and beyond during our matchmaking process to find good chemistry between caregiver and client, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll keep working until we find the right fit
  • COVID-safe service—although pandemic safety protocols have been scaled back across the country, our caregivers are happy to comply with any additional safety measures needed for your loved one to feel comfortable

To connect with El Paso caregivers to discuss your unique care needs and get a free quote, you can:


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