Whole Health for Seniors Includes Dental Health

The future of Baby Boomers is different from that of their parents and grandparents. They are living longer, enjoying better health, and even managing to keep the smiles they grew up with- with their own teeth still intact. The improved oral health of our elderly citizens is not a happy coincidence. New knowledge and technology, along with an awareness of the importance of a healthy mouth, has made the difference. When examining the options for elderly care Dallas TX residents should look for an agency that pays attention to every aspect of their loved one’s health, including dental health. They should look for Always Best Care. Always Best Care recognizes the advantages of a healthy mouth.

A Healthier Heart

A connection between poor oral health and an increased chance of heart disease has been established. Explanations for the phenomenon are varied but many attribute the connection to the increased bacteria of inflamed gums traveling to and inflaming other tissues in the body, including cardiac tissue. If contemplating senior care Dallas TX community members should insist on a care agency that recognizes a healthy mouth as an integral part of a healthy body.

Better Nutrition

Gum disease is often painless until it reaches an advanced stage, so an individual heading for trouble may not know it until it is already upon them. The discomfort of severe gum disease can make mealtime a painful experience that could be avoided. The resulting malnutrition can pave the way for other health issues. Through Always Best Care’s efforts when providing in home care Dallas TX seniors will not have to suffer through the end results of overlooked encroaching gum disease.

Self Esteem

Between years of accumulated stains and thinning enamel that reveals the darker shade of the underlying dentin, teeth tend to darken over time. Past generations accepted discolored and lost teeth as an unsightly inevitability of old age. Today, every effort is made to maintain a healthy, uninhibited smile over the years.

When seeking whole health care that includes a healthier mouth, heart, diet, and emotional outlook as part of assisted living Dallas TX families can rely Marcus Gardener and his team of expert caregivers at Always Best Care. They can help with oral hygiene habits, maintenance, and make sure professional dental care is a part of your loved one’s golden years. Contact this caring team at (972) 739- 8886 or [email protected] to look at options for a well-rounded and happy future.

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