Recognizing the Need for Alzheimer’s Care for Seniors

It is normal for seniors to experience some degree of forgetfulness as they age. However, when memory problems seriously affect their daily lives, it could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease. While there are differences in the number and strength of signs people exhibit, it is important to recognize when it is time to access a senior care Dallas TX professional’s assistance to ensure safety for your senior loved one.

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Most people want to make sure their aging parents and loved ones continue to lead active, happy and full lives. Fortunately, the current trend is to support seniors in their own homes, allowing them to live as independently as possible. The increasing number of support services available in the community helps singles and couples do just that.

When there are early signs of Alzheimer’s, calling the in home care Dallas TX professionals from Always Best Care is the best way to ensure seniors receive the assistance they require. Be on the lookout for the following telltale signs:

  • Loss of memory — forgetting dates, names and events, even if they have just happened, and asking for the same information time and again
  • Trouble with common daily tasks — activities such as driving to a familiar place become difficult
  • Difficulty planning common tasks —  it may no longer be easy to complete simple step-by-step jobs such as following a recipe or balancing the checkbook
  • Confusion about one’s whereabouts or how they arrived there
  • Mood swings — easily becoming upset, anxious or suspicious
  • Vision loss — difficulty reading, judging distances or colors
  • Withdrawal from pleasurable activities or friends in preference for watching television and sleeping
  • Difficulty talking — having to search for the right words or using the wrong words
  • Poor decision making — giving away unusual amounts of money, dressing inappropriately or allowing personal hygiene to deteriorate
  • Misplacing items — taking something such as keys and putting them in unusual places like the fridge

Providing Professional Assistance Needed for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

When looking for the best in assisted living Dallas TX seniors and their families can call on Always Best Care. They are the nation’s top provider of home health care, assisted living and in-home care. For more information about Alzheimer’s and elderly care Dallas TX residents should check out our webpage or call (972) 739-8886.

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