Make Friends with Your Diabetes to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

The risk for developing Type 2 diabetes increases with age. In the United States, about one in four people over the age of 60 have diabetes. While there is no cure for diabetes, accessing professional senior care in Dallas ensures that the elderly can continue to live vital, full and happy lives.

Potential Harmful Effects of Diabetes

It is important to begin managing diabetes as soon as it is diagnosed. Taking care of a diabetic condition will delay or avoid complications and potential harmful effects such as damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, nervous system, skin and feet, gums and teeth, or the kidneys. Learning how to keep blood pressure, blood glucose and lipoprotein cholesterol levels close to the normal range will help ensure a long healthy life.

Embracing for a Healthy Lifestyle

Managing a diabetic condition usually means changes in lifestyle. The easiest approach to learning what to do is to consult with services specializing in home care in Dallas. Typical responses to the condition include:

• Choosing carefully how much, what and when to eat

• Becoming more active

• Regular blood glucose testing

• Taking prescribed medications

• Stopping smoking

• Attending all medical appointments

• Losing weight

• Receiving proper foot care

An initial meeting with a health care team will provide the information needed to deal with diabetes. However, many residents of Dallas appreciate regular contact with home care professionals to ensure they are following all necessary guidelines. This extra assistance helps ensure stress-free and comfortable daily living.

Professional Support for Seniors with Diabetes

When looking for the best in home care Dallas seniors and their families turn to Always Best Care Dallas. They rely on these professionals to provide the care a senior dealing with diabetes may require, including transportation to medical appointments, assistance with preparation of special meals, guidance in weight loss and exercise programs, and monitoring of blood pressure and glucose levels.

For excellence in senior care in Dallas, rely on the friendly, professional services offered by the team at Always Best Care. They are the nation’s top provider of in-home care, home care and assisted living. Check out their website, or call today to learn how they can help you embrace your diabetes diagnoses as an excellent reason to get healthier.

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