Helping your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning in Dallas

Spring is commonly associated with the big annual cleaning of our homes, but why is that?  Perhaps it’s because the longer daylight hours and warmer weather make the task much easier?  Or maybe it’s a celebration of renewal, another thing that spring is closely associated with?

Whatever the reason, a spring cleaning session is certainly a great idea, especially in an elderly person’s home.  It makes things easier to find and reduces the risk of a fall or an injury caused by clutter.

Helping to clean someone else’s home can be a challenge, and making decisions about which items to keep and which to throw away can be tough.  What may be seen as clutter could hold a lot of memories for a senior, so it is always important to include him or her in the cleaning process.

Always Best Care provides in-home care in Dallas, and our Caregivers have found that the following tips help with decluttering houses:

Think Small

Think small, at least initially.  Don’t try to clean the entire house all at once.  Go from room to room, and start off by clearing surfaces and removing items from the floor and other access areas.  Break up large jobs into smaller, easier tasks in order to make them easier to complete.  This will also make it easier for your senior to make decisions.

Pass Things On to Relatives

Some items are treasured, not because of their usefulness, but because of the memories attached to them.  Having them in the house isn’t always necessary, but keeping hold of them is important.

In some cases, your elderly relative may agree to pass some items on to relatives who may be able to look after them, which will help to reduce the clutter in the house.

Look Out for Safety Hazards

This must be one of the main priorities of your clean-up.  Clutter can disguise hazards such as broken furniture or damaged electrical appliances.  These items need to be fixed or replaced before they cause any harm.

Hazardous items can be avoided by staying organized and arranging regular clean-ups.

In-home Caregivers from Always Best Care can help with a number of these tasks, especially with regular light cleaning and assessing homes for safety hazards.  If you would like a free consultation, give us a call now.

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