Exploring Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

As the winter weather slowly begins to rear its ugly head, many of us choose to spend more time in indoors.

For the homeless, however, this isn’t always an option. Many are without shelter during the holidays and have to make do with a sleeping bag to survive the freezing temperatures.

Thankfully, there are people trying to help. Charities, politicians, and the local community all come together during the festive period in an attempt to make sure that those in need have food and a roof over their heads.

Seniors can play a huge part in making this happen. Their compassion and kindness can not only have a positive effect on other people’s lives but also for themselves as well. The opportunity to help the local community can provide them with a feeling of self-worth, which can have a positive impact on their mental wellbeing.

As a result, we’ve scoured the web to find four of the best volunteer opportunities for seniors to take part in over the holidays.


The SoupMobile is exactly what it says on the package: a mobile van that serves soup.

This isn’t just any old soup van, however, as it is actually owned by a faith-based charity that serves up soup to the homeless in Dallas all year round.

They are always welcoming of any new volunteers as long as they’re willing to have fun and enter into the caring spirit.

Brookdale Hospice DFW

It’s often difficult for those in hospice care to go out and take part in the activities that they used to love.

That doesn’t mean, though, that they still can’t enjoy a good quality of life. There are a number of activities, from board games to cards, which can still capture their imagination.

Unfortunately, finding a friend to share those activities with can sometimes be tricky for those left without friends or family. That’s why Brookdale Hospice is asking any seniors in the Dallas area if they could spare a few hours of their time each week to come and visit hospice patients.

For seniors in home care in Dallas TX that perhaps don’t get the chance to communicate as much on a daily basis as they used to, visiting a patient can have as much of a positive affect on them as it does the person they are visiting.

Healing Hands International Inc

Every year, Healing Hands International send thousands of gift boxes to poverty-stricken countries such as Haiti, Romania, and Zambia in time for Christmas. The boxes are filled with useful items, including school supplies and clothes.

The charity is currently on the lookout for anyone that can help them with gift wrapping this year’s parcels.

North Texas Food Bank Community Pantry

Perfect for seniors that live in the Fair Park area, the Community Pantry is a place where families on low incomes can come and get free food.

One of the charity’s current open positions involves assisting visitors with shopping and restocking any empty shelves.

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