Cultivating Better Awareness When Caring for Seniors

An elderly person in need of special assistance often fails to ask for it. This is most likely because of pride and determination to be independent, and reluctance to burden younger relatives. This situation creates problems for people who want to look out for their parents without belittling them. The following symptoms may indicate that your relative has developed a special need, and the good news is that routine, informal contact is the best way to detect them.

assisted living dallas txStop by your relation’s residence once a week or so. Using discretion, inspect the household for signs of neglect. These signs include out-of-date food in the fridge, an unkempt bedroom or a soiled bathroom. If your relative has been house proud throughout his or her life, probe carefully to find out what is going on. It could be that he or she has developed a mobility problem.

Your nose will indicate your relation’s level of personal hygiene. Be aware that unpleasant smells may be the result of incontinence, a problem that proud and meticulous older people are often ashamed to talk about. Look out for bruising on the face and hands. Older skin does bruise easily and injuries may be the result of banal domestic accidents. But abraded skin could also point to falls or even be symptomatic of an illness.

Check for deteriorating mobility by building bouts of gentle physical activity into your visits. Discreetly check the mailbox for unopened letters. Watch out for demand notices from financial and utility companies. Inspect the medicine cupboard to ensure the subject is up-to-date with taking pills. Be on the alert for a relative who always marked family birthdays and Christmas with cards and gifts, and suddenly ceases to send them.

The Finest Senior Care Dallas TX Has to Offer

No matter how much you love your older relatives, the truth is that you cannot be with them all of the time. In the Lone Star State, Always Best Care removes much of the worry of looking after senior citizens. When seeking superior in-home care Dallas TX residents choose Always Best Care. Our caregivers are adept at conversing with elderly people, and of being aware that small worries can become large problems in the senior mind. In addition, caregivers will supervise food shopping and meals, oversee bathing and dressing, monitor medication and check the mail so that no vital correspondence is overlooked.

In addition to providing the standard of non-medical in-home care Dallas TX residents expect, Always Best Care’s caregivers are ready to talk and to laugh, to go for walks and watch movies with the person in his or her charge. Call Marcus Gardner at (972) 739-8886 to learn more about the elderly care Dallas TX residents regard as the benchmark of quality.

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