Companion Care Benefits People with Alzheimer’s

When a senior begins to experience problems with memory, it can be an unsettling time, especially when Alzheimer’s disease is suspected. That is why it is so important for seniors and their families to know the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Knowing the symptoms enables a family to get help for a loved one. When a senior requires assisted living Dallas TX families can rely on Always Best Care to help them arrange a care plan to meet the needs of a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

One of the early signs of Alzheimer’s is memory loss, which includes forgetting important information and recent information. The individual with memory loss may forget where he or she puts things, or may ask a question after it has just been answered. A person with early Alzheimer’s may also have a difficult time finishing a task or may forget driving directions to a familiar place.

A new environment may be challenging to a person with Alzheimer’s.

Now, advances in treatment options have made it possible for those with Alzheimer’s to remain in their homes. With senior care Dallas TX seniors can get the help they need to live an active, safe life in familiar surroundings. Always Best Care has senior companions who can assist a person with Alzheimer’s with his or her needs, allowing the senior to remain comfortably at home.

When Always Best Care providers the in home care Dallas TX seniors rely on, an individual with Alzheimer’s will get the type of attention and care that fosters a nurturing environment. A senior companion can help a person with Alzheimer’s establish a routine that leads to positive outcomes.

Senior companions not only provide assistance with daily needs like bathing, dressing and eating, they also engage the individual in meaningful activities. For example, a senior companion specializing in Alzheimer’s care may take the client for a walk in the neighborhood, help her create a scrapbook of family photos or play a board game with her.

For Elderly Care Dallas TX Residents Trust

When it comes to elderly care Dallas TX seniors trust us at ABC to help them remain active and independent in their homes. It’s easy to arrange companion care when you choose Always Best Care. Simply give Always Best Care Senior Services in Dallas a call today. Call (972) 739-8886 and ask for Marcus Gardner. You may also email Marcus at [email protected] to arrange for a free consultation.

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