Assisted Living Dallas

Assisted living referral services assist families in finding the best assisted living residences for their loved ones. Identifying a residence can be a difficult process, more so for people who are unfamiliar with assisted living in Dallas and who are caring for an older adult. The services are helpful for individuals living far away from their loved ones who need care.

At Always Best Care, we understand that choosing senior care and housing options can be difficult; conducting facility research and scheduling tours can be stressful, not to mention they take up so much time that you might not have. Our referral services help families like yours find the finest assisted living facilities in Dallas, TX, and memory care living in Dallas, Fort Worth.

5 Reasons to Use Our Referral Service for Assisted Living

If you’re taking care of a senior, getting all the necessary details, making calls, and listening to many sales pitches requires plenty of time. Add that to your other responsibilities, and that can be a lot to handle all by yourself.

There’s no doubt that you adore your parents or grandparents, and want to take good care of them. However, the added pressure of getting the right place for their retirement is unnecessary. We can take that burden off you and help you and your loved one transition easily.

You’ll have the advantage of someone who understands the type of questions to ask, the current status, population, and benefits of each community. Enlisting our referral services for Dallas assisted living comes with many benefits, including:

  1. Better access to community details. We’ve worked with the leading assisted living communities over the years. As such, we have easy access to information such as the number of residents, occupancy rates, proximity to state-of-the-art medical facilities, pricing variables, resident complaints, resident to staff ratios, and family reviews.
  2. We’ll keep all your loved one’s information private and confidential to avoid the onslaught of pressure and sales calls you get when you go searching online on national websites.
  3. You might end up wasting a lot of time touring assisted living facilities that do not meet your parent’s or grandparent’s needs, time that you most probably don’t have. With our help, we’ll considerably reduce the number of walk-through tours to those that only interest you and your loved one.
  4. We’ll negotiate the best rates that won’t put a strain on your pockets or cause stress to your loved one. In addition, we will help you determine the level of care that your parent or grandparent requires.
  5. We will help you understand what you’re able to afford and how to get the best possible care for your loved one within your budget in the right assisted living community in Dallas.