5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors-Dallas XT

Each and every one of us needs some music in our lives. This is even truer for seniors, as exposure to music can have numerous benefits on their emotional and physical health.
Seniors living in Dallas should check out Music Thursdays in Klyde Warren Park for a day of music and picnicking in the park. The Majestic Theatre in Dallas is another amazing spot to enjoy a number of timeless, popular musicals.
Always Best Care, a provider of elderly care in Dallas XT, has seen numerous benefits from exposing seniors to music on a regular basis. Here are some of the most important ones.

Improved Communication & Social Skills

When enjoyed in a group setting, music can bring people together and help relationships build through common music tastes and loved artists. Music will also improve the mood of a group of seniors, especially when singing and dancing is encouraged.
The simple act of listening to music has been found to improve seniors’ communication skills.

Elevated Happiness

Uplifting music can work wonders and have seniors up and moving in no time. It has been medically proven that listening to music releases positive endorphins into the brain. Familiar songs and artists from a senior’s past can elevate happiness and improve a senior’s outlook on life.

Return of Happy Memories

While seniors may forget some details as they age, it is hard to forget a familiar tune. Even when Alzheimer’s patients lose the ability to talk, they are still able to hum their favourite songs. We recommend playing older songs in order to evoke happy memories from that time, and stimulate seniors’ minds.

Lowered Stress Levels

Music can be the best medicine for seniors who sometimes face anxiety and agitation. Slow ballads and relaxing instrumental music can greatly subdue aggressive behaviour, and can also help seniors fall asleep at night. On the other hand, for seniors who on occasion feel down, an upbeat, happy tune can work wonders.

Increased Movement

Dancing is one of the best low-impact types of exercise for seniors. The activity also promotes social interactions, as most dances seniors’ are familiar with are probably carried out with a partner. The YMCA in Dallas holds regular dance classes for older adults!

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