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Home Care in Marble Falls, TX

They say that your golden years are the best years of your life. For most older Americans, that's how it should be - a time to relax, reflect, and live life in a familiar place. After all, senior citizens in the U.S. have worked tirelessly to build a better economy, serve their communities, and raise families.

However, as seniors grow older, sometimes they cannot live independently without someone by their side to provide care. Unfortunately, some older Americans aren't able to rely on their adult children for help. The reality in today's world is that family members do not have the skills or time to dedicate to caring for their parents. That's where Always Best Care Senior Services comes in.

Our in-home care services are for people who prefer to stay at home as they grow older but need ongoing care that family or friends cannot provide. More and more older adults prefer to live in the comforts or their home rather than in an assisted living community. Home care in Marble Falls, TX is a safe, effective way to give your loved ones the care they need when they need it the most.

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Home Care Marble Falls, TX

The Always Best Care Difference

Since 1996, Always Best Care has provided non-medical in-home care for seniors to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle as they age. We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of seniors to maintain a higher level of dignity and respect. We focus on providing seniors with the highest level of home care available so that they may live happily and independently.

Unlike some senior care companies, we genuinely want to be included in our clients' lives. We believe that personalized care is always the better option over a "one size fits all" approach. To make sure our senior clients receive the best care possible, we pair them with compassionate caregivers who understand their unique needs.

The Always Best Care difference lies in life's little moments - where compassionate care and trustworthy experience come together to help seniors live a fruitful, healthy life. Whether you are an aging adult that can't quite keep up with life's daily tasks or the child of a senior who needs regular in-home care services in Marble Falls, TX. Always Best Care is here to help.

How does In-home Senior Care in Marble Falls, TX work?

Home is where the heart is. While that saying can sound a tad cliche, it's especially true for many seniors living in America. When given a choice, older adults most often prefer to grow older at home. An AARP study found that three out of four adults over the age of 50 want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. When you begin to think about why, it makes sense. Home offers a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity.

The truth is, as we age, we begin to rely on others for help. When a family is too busy or lives too far away to fulfill this role, in-home senior care is often the best solution. Home care services allow seniors to enjoy personal independence while also receiving trustworthy assistance from a trained caregiver.

At Always Best Care, we offer a comprehensive range of home care services to help seniors stay healthy while they get the help they need to remain independent. As your senior loved one ages, giving them the gift of senior care is one of the best ways to show your love, even if you live far away.

 In-Home Care Marble Falls, TX

Types of In-home Care in Marble Falls, TX

To give our senior clients the best care possible, we offer a full spectrum of in-home care services:

 Elderly Care Marble Falls, TX

Personal Care Services

If your senior loved one has specific care needs, our personal care services are a great choice to consider. Personal care includes the standard caregiving duties associated with companion care and includes help with tasks such as dressing and grooming. Personal care can also help individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes or Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

Common personal care services include assistance with:

  • Eating
  • Mobility Issues
  • Incontinence
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
 Senior Care Marble Falls, TX

Home Helper Services

Sometimes, seniors need helpful reminders to maintain a high quality of life at home. If you or your senior has trouble with everyday tasks like cooking, our home helper services will be very beneficial.

Common home helper care services include assistance with:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Pet Care
  • Prescription Refills
  • Morning Wake-Up
  • Walking
  • Reading

Respite Care Marble Falls, TX

Companionship Services

Using this kind of care is a fantastic way to make life easier for you or your senior loved one. At Always Best Care, our talented caregivers often fill the role of a companion for seniors. That way, older adults can enjoy their favorite activities and hobbies while also receiving the care they need daily or weekly.

Common companionship services include:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Transportation to Appointments
  • Nutritional Assistance
  • Conversation
  • Planning Outings
  • Completing Errands
  • Transportation to Community Events and Social Outings
 Caregivers Marble Falls, TX

Respite Care Services

According to AARP, more than 53 million adults living in the U.S. provide care to someone over 50 years old. Unfortunately, these caregivers experience stress, exhaustion, and even depression. Our respite care services help family caregivers address urgent obligations, spend time with their children, and enjoy other activities. Perhaps more importantly, respite care gives family members time to recharge and regroup. Taking personal time to de-stress helps reduce the risks of caregiver burnout.

When it comes to non-medical home care, our goal is to become a valuable part of your senior's daily routine. That way, we may help give them the highest quality of life possible. We know that staying at home is important for your loved one, and we are here to help make sure that is possible. If you have been on the fence about non-medical home care, there has never been a better time than now to give your senior the care, assistance, and companionship they deserve.

Benefits of Home Care in Marble Falls, TX

Always Best Care in-home services are for older adults who prefer to stay at home but need ongoing care that friends and family cannot provide. In-home care is a safe, effective way for seniors to age gracefully in a familiar place and live independent, non-institutionalized lives. The benefits of non-medical home care are numerous. Here are just a few reasons to consider senior care services from Always Best Care:

Home Care Marble Falls, TX
  • Age in Place
    According to AARP, 9 out of 10 seniors prefer to age in place within the comfort of their own home. With in-home care, seniors have a way to stay at home, receive the care they need, and maintain a sense of independence, improving overall wellness.
  • Peace of Mind
    If you or a member of your family have assumed the role of caregiver for your senior loved one, you know how stressful the job can be. Between caregiver burnout and constant worry, being a family caregiver is hard. In-home care relieves your burden and gives you peace of mind knowing that your senior family member is in expert hands.
  • Socialization
    Unlike many senior care facilities where the staff and residents rotate frequently, seniors can foster new friendships and build bonds with their caregiver. Seniors who socialize on a regular basis are often happier, which fosters positivity and leads to increased wellbeing.
  • Personalized Care Plan
    No two seniors need the same kind of in-home care assistance. That is why each of our care plans are tailored to meet our client's individual needs. We offer plans that cover everything from light housekeeping to more involved duties like transportation to doctor's appointments. Our Care Coordinators will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan to ensure your senior's needs are exceeded.

Always Best Care offers a full array of care options for clients at all levels of health. With our trusted elderly care services, your loved one will receive the level of care necessary for them to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Aging in Place: The Preferred Choice for Most Seniors

While it's true that some seniors have complicated medical needs that prevent them from staying at home, aging in place is often the best arrangement for seniors and their families. With a trusted caregiver, seniors have the opportunity to live with a sense of dignity and do so as they see fit.

In-home care makes it possible for millions of seniors to age in place every year. Rather than moving to a unfamiliar assisted living community, seniors have the chance to stay at home where they feel the happiest and most comfortable.

 In-Home Care Marble Falls, TX

Here are just a few of the reasons why older men and women prefer to age at home:


How much does a senior's home truly mean to them?

A study published by the American Society on Aging found that more than half of seniors say their home's emotional value means more than how much their home is worth in monetary value. It stands to reason, that a senior's home is where they want to grow old. With the help of elderly care in Marble Falls, TX, seniors don't have to age in a sterilized care facility. Instead, they can age gracefully in the place they want to be most: their home. In contrast, seniors who move to a long-term care facility must adapt to new environments, new people, and new systems that the facility implements. At this stage in life, this kind of drastic change can be more harmful than helpful.

Healthy Living

Institutional care facilities like nursing homes often put large groups of people together to live in one location. On any given day, dozens of staff members and caregivers run in and out of these facilities. Being around so many new people in a relatively small living environment can be dangerous for a seniors' health and wellbeing. When you consider that thousands of seniors passed away in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, opting for in-home care is often a safer, healthier choice for seniors. Aging in place has been shown to improve seniors' quality of life, which helps boost physical health and also helps insulate them from viral and bacterial risks found in elderly living facilities.


For many seniors, the ability to live independently with assistance from a caregiver is a priceless option. With in-home care, seniors experience a higher level of independence and freedom - much more so than in other settings like an assisted living community. When a senior has the chance to age in place, they get to live life on their own terms, inside the house that they helped make into a home. More independence means more control over their personal lives, too, which leads to increased levels of fulfillment, happiness, and personal gratification. Over time, these positive feelings can manifest into a healthier, longer life.

Cost and Convenience

More independence, a healthier life, and increased comfort are only a few benefits of aging in place. You have to take into consideration the role of cost and convenience. Simply put, it's usually easier to help seniors age in place than it is to move them into an institutional care facility. In-home care services from Always Best Care, for instance, can be less expensive than long-term solutions, which can cost upwards of six figures per year. To make matters worse, many residential care facilities are reluctant to accept long-term care insurance and other types of payment assistance.

 Elderly Care Marble Falls, TX

With Always Best Care's home care services, seniors and their families have a greater level of control over their care plans. In-home care in Marble Falls, TX gives seniors the chance to form a bond with a trusted caregiver and also receive unmatched care that is catered to their needs. In long-term care facilities, seniors and their loved ones have much less control over their care plan and have less of a say in who provides their care.

Affordable Care Plans

In-home care is a valuable resource that empowers seniors to age in place on their own terms. However, a big concern for many families and their loved ones is how much in-home care costs. If you're worried that in-home care is too expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is one of the most affordable senior care arrangements available.

Typically, hiring an Always Best Care in-home caregiver for a few hours a week is more affordable than sending your loved one to a long-term care facility. This is true even for seniors with more complex care needs.

At Always Best Care, we will work closely with you and your family to develop a Care Plan that not only meets your care needs, but your budget requirements, too. Once we discover the level of care that you or your senior need, we develop an in-home care plan that you can afford.

 Senior Care Marble Falls, TX

In addition to our flexible care options, families should also consider the following resources to help offset potential home care costs:

  • Veteran's Benefits: Attendance and aid benefits through military service can cover a portion of the costs associated with in-home care for veterans and their spouses.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Many senior care services like in-home care are included in long-term care insurance options. Research different long-term care solutions to find a plan that provides coverage for senior care.
  • Private Insurance: Home care can be included as part of a senior's private insurance plan. Read over your loved one's insurance policy carefully or speak with their insurance provider to determine if in-home care is covered.
  • Life Insurance: Depending on the life insurance plan, you may be able to apply your policy toward long-term care. You may be able to use long-term-care coverage to help pay for in-home elderly care.

During your Care Plan consultation with Always Best Care, your Care Coordinator will speak with you about in-home care costs and what options there may be to help meet your budget needs.

Compassionate Care. Trusted Caregivers

When you or your senior loved one needs assistance managing daily tasks at home, finding a qualified caregiver can be challenging. It takes a special kind of person to provide reliable care for your senior loved one. However, a caregiver's role involves more than meal preparation and medication reminders. Many seniors rely on their caregivers for companionship, too.

Our companion care services give seniors the chance to socialize in a safe environment and engage in activities at home. These important efforts boost morale and provide much-needed relief from repetitive daily routines. A one-on-one, engaging conversation can sharpen seniors' minds and give them something in which to be excited.

At Always Best Care, we only hire care providers that we would trust to care for our own loved ones. Our senior caregivers in Marble Falls,TX understand how important it is to listen and communicate with their seniors. A seemingly small interaction, like a short hug goodbye, can make a major difference in a senior's day. Instead of battling against feelings of isolation, seniors begin to look forward to seeing their caregiver each week.

Understanding the nuances of senior care is just one of the reasons why our care providers are so great at their job.

Unlike some senior care companies, our caregivers must undergo extensive training before they work for Always Best Care. In addition, our caregivers receive ongoing training throughout the year. This training ensures that their standard of care matches up to the high standards we've come to expect. During this training, they will brush up on their communication skills, safety awareness, and symptom spotting. That way, your loved one receives the highest level of non-medical home care from day one.

Taking the First Step with Always Best Care

The first step in getting quality in-home care starts with a personal consultation with an experienced Care Coordinator. This initial consultation is crucial for our team to learn more about you or your elderly loved one to discover the level of care required. Topics of this consultation typically include:


An assessment of your senior loved one


An in-depth discussion of the needs of your senior loved one to remain in their own home


Reviewing a detailed Care Plan that will meet your senior loved one's needs

Our caregivers are trained to spot changes that clients exhibit, like mental and physical decline. As your trusted senior care company, we will constantly assess and update your Care Plan to meet any new emotional, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs.

If you have never considered in-home care before, we understand that you and your family may have concerns about your Care Plan and its Care Coordinator. To help give you peace of mind, know that every team member and caregiver must undergo comprehensive training before being assigned to a Care Plan.

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1. Austin St. Michael’s Catholic, 6-2; 2. Midland Christian, 8-3; 3. Grapevine Faith Christian, 9-1; 4. Houston Second Baptist, 5-3; 5. The Woodlands Christian, 5-4; 6. San Antonio TMI Episcopal, 4-4; 7. Arlington Oakridge, 6-3; 8. Houston Lutheran South, 5-4; 9. Laredo St. Augustine, 5-2; 10. FW Southwest Christian, 6-3.


1. Lubbock Trinity Christian, 3-2; 2. Schertz John Paul II, 1-5; 3. Arlington Grace Prep, 3-3; 4. Austin Brentwood Christian, 3-3; 5. Colleyville Covenant Christian, 3-1; 6. Houston St. Thomas Episcopal, 5-1; 7. Bullard Brook Hill, 0-0; 8. McKinney Christian, 2-0; 9. Austin Hill Country, 1-0; 10. FW Lake Country Christian, 0-0.


1. Houston Lutheran North, 7-2; 2. Houston St. Thomas Episcopal, 3-2; 3. Houston Westbury Christian, 4-4; 4. Dallas Akiba Yavneh, 1-3; 5. Lubbock Christian, 0-0; 6. Plano Corem Deo, 2-4; 7. Richardson North Dallas Adventist, 0-0; 8. Marble Falls Faith, 1-1; 9. Huntsville Alpha Omega, 0-0; 10. Waco Live Oak Classical, 6-0.


1. Houston Grace Christian, 8-2; 2. Lubbock Kingdom Prep, 0-0; 3. Longview Christian, 1-1; 4. Red Oak Ovilla Christian, 2-2; 5. Galveston O’Connell, 1-2; 6. Austin Juan Diego Catholic, 4-6; 7. Beaumont Legacy Christian, 2-3; 8. Lubbock All Saints Episcopal, 0-0; 9. Ft. Worth Bethesda Christian, 7-0; 10. Pflugerville Concordia, 5-2.


1. DeSoto Canterbury Kingdom, 0-0; 2. Cypress Covenant, 4-4; 3. Wichita Christian, 4-0; 4. Conroe Calvary Baptist, 5-3; 5. Alamo Macedonian, 3-1; 6. North Prosper Prestonwood Christian, 0-0; 7. San Angelo Cornerstone, 3-2; 8. Longview St. Mary’s Catholic, 4-2; 9. Amarillo Accelerate Christian, 4-1; 10. Fredericksburg Heritage, 0-0.

Phoenix Center celebrates grand opening of new facility

The Phoenix Center recently celebrated the grand opening of a new 8,000-square-foot facility, which will allow the nonprofit to expand its mission to even more families in the Highland Lakes. The new center is located at 3340 Texas 71 in Horseshoe Bay.Founded in 2007, the Phoenix Center provides trauma-informed counseling and mental healthcare to children.“Children who do not receive any mental health intervention are at risk of failing at school, su...

The Phoenix Center recently celebrated the grand opening of a new 8,000-square-foot facility, which will allow the nonprofit to expand its mission to even more families in the Highland Lakes. The new center is located at 3340 Texas 71 in Horseshoe Bay.

Founded in 2007, the Phoenix Center provides trauma-informed counseling and mental healthcare to children.

“Children who do not receive any mental health intervention are at risk of failing at school, substance use, self-harm, and are more likely to commit suicide,” Phoenix Center Founder and CEO Sarah Garrett said in a media release. “The ripple effects are far more reaching and impact the child’s life, family, teachers, and community.”

With the newly expanded facilities, the Phoenix Center can now offer a variety of new forms of therapy to a wider range of patrons, spanning from young children to older adolescents. Additional therapies will be offered in group and family settings.

To enter the new therapy rooms, children walk through a 4-foot, arched doorway into a hallway known as the “River of Hope.” Lilly pads, handblown glass spheres, and gems line the hallway to create an uplifting, sensory experience.

“From the moment I stepped in, passed the sanctuary tree, and entered the River of Hope, I felt genuine joy that children who have experienced trauma would have this safe place to experience therapy through art, music, play, and counseling in learning coping strategies,” Horseshoe Bay Mayor Cynthia Clinesmith said in the media release.

An engaging outdoor area presents endless opportunities for children to flex their creative muscles through sensory play and inclusive structures.

The new facility was made possible by donations of money and work from several local businesses and individuals, including Nash Builders and Seaux+Pierce Architecture, Nikki Steele, Paul Brady, and Cheryl and Michael Foster.

“We are parents of three children who always knew they were tremendously loved and given many opportunities in life,” Cheryl Foster said in the media release. “They are the reason we are so honored to be partners with Phoenix Center, where deserving children and families can find hope and understanding through their state-of-the-art mental health therapy.”

Future plans include construction of a trauma-informed equine therapy center on the ranch’s 77 acres.

Although the new facility is fully funded, the nonprofit is currently in need of additional money to hire more licensed therapists.

“Because over 81 percent of our families are considered low-income, and no child is turned away due to inability to pay, we are incredibly grateful for each donation and pledge that has made our services and growth possible,” Garrett said in the release. “Our realized dream has only been possible because of the generosity of local individuals who are making a life-changing difference for local children and families in our community.”

Those interested in contributing to the Phoenix Center may visit the nonprofit’s website, email [email protected], or mail donations to P.O. Box 732, Marble Falls, TX 78654.

[email protected]

Marble Falls EDC approves grant funding for downtown art events

The Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. Board of Directors approved $14,000 in community leverage grant funding for Highland Lakes Creative Arts during its regular meeting Wednesday, Nov. 2.Grant money will be used for popular events and productions, including the year-round Sculpture on Main exhibit...

The Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. Board of Directors approved $14,000 in community leverage grant funding for Highland Lakes Creative Arts during its regular meeting Wednesday, Nov. 2.

Grant money will be used for popular events and productions, including the year-round Sculpture on Main exhibit, Paint the Town, Sculpture on Main Street Fest, Sculpture on the Square, and an art walk.

“I think (Sculpture on Main) is probably the best event we have,” said EDC Director John Packer. “The event itself is good, and it lasts all year long. It’s gotten better every year.”

Over two-thirds of the money received by the nonprofit will go toward stipends for the 20 sculptors participating in the cyclical Sculpture on Main exhibit. Sculptures that have been on display for the past two years will be phased out with new ones in March 2023.

The organization is currently accepting applications for new sculptures. Registration ends Tuesday, Nov. 15. To apply, visit the nonprofit’s website.

An additional $2,100 was awarded to fund a live ice sculpting artist during the group’s Sculpture on the Square event Dec. 9-10 at Old Oak Square. Money will go toward paying the sculptor and for performances by the Marble Falls middle and high school choirs during the event.

“It’s going to be really fun,” said Janey Rives, a Highland Lakes Creative Arts board member. “We’ll have kids from all the different areas participating. We’ll have interesting sculptors that will be there. I just think it will be great.”

Another $600 will go toward purchasing 10 tents for the event for artists to host sculpture making workshops. Highland Lakes Creative Arts opted to buy the tents outright rather than renting them in the pursuit of making Sculpture on the Square an annual event.

The grant will also fund $1,500 worth of maps to be distributed to the Marble Falls Visitor Center and other visitor centers across the Hill Country.

“All the arts events bring some interesting people to town,” said EDC President Steve Reitz. “It’s really fun to see some major talent show up here and do things that are just amazing.”

Each year, the Marble Falls EDC allocates $100,000 to different community leverage grant applicants for projects that enhance quality of life for residents and improve the well-being of the city. In September, the board approved an application allotting $78,000 worth of funding for various projects throughout the city’s downtown district.

To apply for a leverage grant for a community event, visit the EDC website.

[email protected]

Roughing It in Style: Where to Go Glamping in Texas

If combining the authenticity of sleeping outside in the great outdoors with just a touch (or even a whole lot!) of modern luxury appeals to you, then you might be a glamper. This emerging trend puts a new, more comfortable spin on camping, and has become so popular over recent years that it’s even become a new travel category. And, lucky you, Texas has some of the most beautiful and unique glamping spots in the country. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite “glampgrounds;” perfect for a fall or winter getaway....

If combining the authenticity of sleeping outside in the great outdoors with just a touch (or even a whole lot!) of modern luxury appeals to you, then you might be a glamper. This emerging trend puts a new, more comfortable spin on camping, and has become so popular over recent years that it’s even become a new travel category. And, lucky you, Texas has some of the most beautiful and unique glamping spots in the country. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite “glampgrounds;” perfect for a fall or winter getaway.

Starstruck Glamping Domes

StarStruck Glamping is located about 30 minutes from Big Bend National Park and one hour south of Alpine. The definition of privacy, you can sleep with the curtains open and stargaze directly from bed. There is no cellphone signal but the WiFi is strong, and there’s even a private bathroom in your personal dome.

Johnny Yurts

Johnson City, known for being the ??“twinkliest” town in the Hill Country, is also home to a handful of notable wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Choose from eight yurts that can fit up to four people and are fully equipped with AC and heating. Spend your night stargazing from one of the two hot tubs onsite. If you visit during the holidays, check out Lights Spectacular, a Christmas light display so bright that NASA reported being able to see it from space!

Getaway Brazos Valley Cabins

The tiny cabins in the woods at Getaway Brazos Valley Cabins are meant for you to disconnect and enjoy nature. Located an hour outside of Houston, these modern and pet friendly cabins can accommodate two to four people and feature a private bathroom, full kitchen, and AC. Highlights include contactless check in, no Wi-Fi (for people who really want to disconnect), and the joy of sitting outside by a campfire making s’mores.

Skybox Cabins

Skybox Cabins is located at the tippy-top of the Texas Hill Country. Accommodations range from treehouses to luxury cabins with a rustic feel, modern amenities, and balconies with incredible views. It literally feels like you’re sleeping in the trees, making it one of the most unique getaways in Texas.

The Retreat on the Hill

Located on a hilltop with amazing sunset views, this welcoming retreat overlooks Lakes Lyndon B. Johnson and Marble Falls. Choice of accommodations include a clear star-gazing dome, safari tents, tipis, A-frames, and cliff homes. Walk over to Bay View Restaurant & Bar for dinner with a view.

Stay Onera

Take a trip to wine country and stay at this luxury treehouse resort. Choose from nine completely different lodging options ranging from domes to unique treehouses, complete with pools and private cedar soaking tubs. The resort is located minutes from downtown Fredericksburg. During the holidays you will find the town’s 30-foot Christmas tree and an authentic German Christmas pyramid.

Texas summer have you sweating? Cool off in Marble Falls

When God blessed Texas with heaps of sun, he must have known folks would need the occasional reprieve. Locals love to get out on the state’s lakes, springs, and rivers, and no place is better situated than Marble Falls to take advantage of them all.Located in the heart of Hill Country, about an hour northwest of Austin, Marble Falls is surrounded by water, rolling hi...

When God blessed Texas with heaps of sun, he must have known folks would need the occasional reprieve. Locals love to get out on the state’s lakes, springs, and rivers, and no place is better situated than Marble Falls to take advantage of them all.

Located in the heart of Hill Country, about an hour northwest of Austin, Marble Falls is surrounded by water, rolling hills, and outdoor adventures. Lake Marble Falls, a reservoir of the Colorado River, features kayaking, boating, wakesurfing, wakeboarding, fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, cliff jumping, and more.

Marble Falls is also surrounded by the Highland Lakes, which includes Inks Lake, Lake Travis, Lake Buchanan, and Lake LBJ. Here are our favorite ways to make a splash in the Marble Falls area.

Lake Marble Falls

In 1951, the construction of Starcke Dam on the Colorado River was finished, which created Lake Marble Falls. In the decades since, locals and visitors alike have flocked to the lake for water sports of all types. Lakeside Park and Beach is the perfect place to throw down your beach towel. It also has covered picnic tables, a boat ramp, public restrooms, a pavilion, barbecue pits, a tennis court, basketball court, and even a swimming pool.

Anglers can try their luck at catching largemouth bass, channel catfish, and crappie – guides are available across the Highland Lakes area, including Jay Fish Bird Fishing Guide Service, and Lee Benton. Want to take your own path through the lake? Boat and jet ski rentals are available as well through Bay Marine Sports Center, or you can rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard from Just Yakin’ Kayak Rentals, which services Lake Marble Falls and surrounding lakes.

Inks Lake State Park

Near Inks Lake, about 30 minutes north of Marble Falls, you’ll find Inks Lake State Park, a Hill Country treasure full of water and land activities for the whole family. Swim, water ski, go boating, or even scuba dive here. There’s even a large no-wake zone for paddling, and you can rent canoes, paddle boats, and kayaks from the park store. Two fishing piers are available, as well as a boat ramp and fish cleaning stations for your catch, which will likely include such popular species as sunfish, catfish and bass.

For a truly magical slice of nature, head to the Devil's Waterhole, where rock formations dot the water, creating a beautiful swimming spot. You can access Devil’s Waterhole by hiking or paddling. On land, camp out at nearly 200 campsites or one of the park’s 22 cabins. Many are lakeside and near hiking trails and picnic areas.

Texas Tidbit: You do not need a fishing license to fish from the shore or a pier in a Texas state park.

Lake LBJ

Also located along the Colorado River is Lake LBJ, named for former President Lyndon B. Johnson, who was born and raised in the Texas Hill Country. Lake LBJ is one of the few Texas lakes that maintains a consistent level, which means the 21-mile-long lake is popular for boating, wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing, and even sailing. If you want to learn how to wakeboard or wakesurf, Texas Wake Academy holds summer camps for kids, and private lessons for all ages. Wakes2U also offers wakeboard and wakesurf lessons, plus sunset cruises and boat rentals.

For an elevated resort stay right on Lake LBJ, check out Horseshoe Bay Resort, which has numerous dining facilities, a spa, a newly renovated golf course, three pools, a kids’ club, tennis courts, and lots of rotating activities.

Lake Buchanan

Created to bring hydroelectricity to the area and to store water for flooding issues, Lake Buchanan is full of water adventures. Vanishing Texas River Cruises, operating out of Lake Buchanan since 1981, offers scenic wilderness cruises, eagle and birding cruises, sunset cruises, and private charters across the lake where you can view migrating birds, Texas flora and fauna, and waterfalls while learning about the history and geology of the area.

Along the shoreline, Black Rock Park is a 25-acre park with cabins, campsites, showers, restrooms, kayak rentals, swimming, fishing, and even mini golf, horseshoes, and washers. On the north shore of the lake is Cedar Point Recreation Area, which sits on 310 acres and offers picnicking, grills, campsites, a boat ramp, fishing, and paddling.

Texas Tidbit: From mid-November through February, the American Bald Eagle can be spotted at Lake Buchanan. The Ultimate Eagle and Birding Cruise from Vanishing Texas River Cruises gives you the opportunity to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Lake Travis

Meander down the Colorado River toward Austin, and you’ll run into Lake Travis, a 65-mile-long lake where there’s always a party. Lots of restaurants, vacation rentals, and events are found along the shorelines of Lake Travis, but there’s still plenty of room to drift off into your own little oasis and find a quiet place to relax. Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area is one such place, where 654 acres of park are dedicated for camping, hiking, boating, and lots of outdoor recreation. Set up camp right along the shoreline of Lake Travis, and enjoy grills, picnic tables, and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Another tucked-away gem is Krause Springs, a private property listed on the National Register of Historical Sites. The Krause family allows visitors to explore the 32 springs on the property, plus lots of natural pools that flow into Lake Travis. Camping and RV spots are available, and guests can also visit the Butterfly Gardens on site, too.

With loads of waterfront activities and picnic spots to enjoy, it’s easy to pack a bag and hit the water in Marble Falls.

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