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Home Care in Johnson City, TX

They say that your golden years are the best years of your life. For most older Americans, that's how it should be - a time to relax, reflect, and live life in a familiar place. After all, senior citizens in the U.S. have worked tirelessly to build a better economy, serve their communities, and raise families.

However, as seniors grow older, sometimes they cannot live independently without someone by their side to provide care. Unfortunately, some older Americans aren't able to rely on their adult children for help. The reality in today's world is that family members do not have the skills or time to dedicate to caring for their parents. That's where Always Best Care Senior Services comes in.

Our in-home care services are for people who prefer to stay at home as they grow older but need ongoing care that family or friends cannot provide. More and more older adults prefer to live in the comforts or their home rather than in an assisted living community. Home care in Johnson City, TX is a safe, effective way to give your loved ones the care they need when they need it the most.

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Home Care Johnson City, TX

The Always Best Care Difference

Since 1996, Always Best Care has provided non-medical in-home care for seniors to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle as they age. We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of seniors to maintain a higher level of dignity and respect. We focus on providing seniors with the highest level of home care available so that they may live happily and independently.

Unlike some senior care companies, we genuinely want to be included in our clients' lives. We believe that personalized care is always the better option over a "one size fits all" approach. To make sure our senior clients receive the best care possible, we pair them with compassionate caregivers who understand their unique needs.

The Always Best Care difference lies in life's little moments - where compassionate care and trustworthy experience come together to help seniors live a fruitful, healthy life. Whether you are an aging adult that can't quite keep up with life's daily tasks or the child of a senior who needs regular in-home care services in Johnson City, TX. Always Best Care is here to help.

How does In-home Senior Care in Johnson City, TX work?

Home is where the heart is. While that saying can sound a tad cliche, it's especially true for many seniors living in America. When given a choice, older adults most often prefer to grow older at home. An AARP study found that three out of four adults over the age of 50 want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. When you begin to think about why, it makes sense. Home offers a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity.

The truth is, as we age, we begin to rely on others for help. When a family is too busy or lives too far away to fulfill this role, in-home senior care is often the best solution. Home care services allow seniors to enjoy personal independence while also receiving trustworthy assistance from a trained caregiver.

At Always Best Care, we offer a comprehensive range of home care services to help seniors stay healthy while they get the help they need to remain independent. As your senior loved one ages, giving them the gift of senior care is one of the best ways to show your love, even if you live far away.

 In-Home Care Johnson City, TX

Types of In-home Care in Johnson City, TX

To give our senior clients the best care possible, we offer a full spectrum of in-home care services:

 Elderly Care Johnson City, TX

Personal Care Services

If your senior loved one has specific care needs, our personal care services are a great choice to consider. Personal care includes the standard caregiving duties associated with companion care and includes help with tasks such as dressing and grooming. Personal care can also help individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes or Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

Common personal care services include assistance with:

  • Eating
  • Mobility Issues
  • Incontinence
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
 Senior Care Johnson City, TX

Home Helper Services

Sometimes, seniors need helpful reminders to maintain a high quality of life at home. If you or your senior has trouble with everyday tasks like cooking, our home helper services will be very beneficial.

Common home helper care services include assistance with:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Pet Care
  • Prescription Refills
  • Morning Wake-Up
  • Walking
  • Reading

Respite Care Johnson City, TX

Companionship Services

Using this kind of care is a fantastic way to make life easier for you or your senior loved one. At Always Best Care, our talented caregivers often fill the role of a companion for seniors. That way, older adults can enjoy their favorite activities and hobbies while also receiving the care they need daily or weekly.

Common companionship services include:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Transportation to Appointments
  • Nutritional Assistance
  • Conversation
  • Planning Outings
  • Completing Errands
  • Transportation to Community Events and Social Outings
 Caregivers Johnson City, TX

Respite Care Services

According to AARP, more than 53 million adults living in the U.S. provide care to someone over 50 years old. Unfortunately, these caregivers experience stress, exhaustion, and even depression. Our respite care services help family caregivers address urgent obligations, spend time with their children, and enjoy other activities. Perhaps more importantly, respite care gives family members time to recharge and regroup. Taking personal time to de-stress helps reduce the risks of caregiver burnout.

When it comes to non-medical home care, our goal is to become a valuable part of your senior's daily routine. That way, we may help give them the highest quality of life possible. We know that staying at home is important for your loved one, and we are here to help make sure that is possible. If you have been on the fence about non-medical home care, there has never been a better time than now to give your senior the care, assistance, and companionship they deserve.

Benefits of Home Care in Johnson City, TX

Always Best Care in-home services are for older adults who prefer to stay at home but need ongoing care that friends and family cannot provide. In-home care is a safe, effective way for seniors to age gracefully in a familiar place and live independent, non-institutionalized lives. The benefits of non-medical home care are numerous. Here are just a few reasons to consider senior care services from Always Best Care:

Home Care Johnson City, TX
  • Age in Place
    According to AARP, 9 out of 10 seniors prefer to age in place within the comfort of their own home. With in-home care, seniors have a way to stay at home, receive the care they need, and maintain a sense of independence, improving overall wellness.
  • Peace of Mind
    If you or a member of your family have assumed the role of caregiver for your senior loved one, you know how stressful the job can be. Between caregiver burnout and constant worry, being a family caregiver is hard. In-home care relieves your burden and gives you peace of mind knowing that your senior family member is in expert hands.
  • Socialization
    Unlike many senior care facilities where the staff and residents rotate frequently, seniors can foster new friendships and build bonds with their caregiver. Seniors who socialize on a regular basis are often happier, which fosters positivity and leads to increased wellbeing.
  • Personalized Care Plan
    No two seniors need the same kind of in-home care assistance. That is why each of our care plans are tailored to meet our client's individual needs. We offer plans that cover everything from light housekeeping to more involved duties like transportation to doctor's appointments. Our Care Coordinators will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan to ensure your senior's needs are exceeded.

Always Best Care offers a full array of care options for clients at all levels of health. With our trusted elderly care services, your loved one will receive the level of care necessary for them to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Aging in Place: The Preferred Choice for Most Seniors

While it's true that some seniors have complicated medical needs that prevent them from staying at home, aging in place is often the best arrangement for seniors and their families. With a trusted caregiver, seniors have the opportunity to live with a sense of dignity and do so as they see fit.

In-home care makes it possible for millions of seniors to age in place every year. Rather than moving to a unfamiliar assisted living community, seniors have the chance to stay at home where they feel the happiest and most comfortable.

 In-Home Care Johnson City, TX

Here are just a few of the reasons why older men and women prefer to age at home:


How much does a senior's home truly mean to them?

A study published by the American Society on Aging found that more than half of seniors say their home's emotional value means more than how much their home is worth in monetary value. It stands to reason, that a senior's home is where they want to grow old. With the help of elderly care in Johnson City, TX, seniors don't have to age in a sterilized care facility. Instead, they can age gracefully in the place they want to be most: their home. In contrast, seniors who move to a long-term care facility must adapt to new environments, new people, and new systems that the facility implements. At this stage in life, this kind of drastic change can be more harmful than helpful.

Healthy Living

Institutional care facilities like nursing homes often put large groups of people together to live in one location. On any given day, dozens of staff members and caregivers run in and out of these facilities. Being around so many new people in a relatively small living environment can be dangerous for a seniors' health and wellbeing. When you consider that thousands of seniors passed away in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, opting for in-home care is often a safer, healthier choice for seniors. Aging in place has been shown to improve seniors' quality of life, which helps boost physical health and also helps insulate them from viral and bacterial risks found in elderly living facilities.


For many seniors, the ability to live independently with assistance from a caregiver is a priceless option. With in-home care, seniors experience a higher level of independence and freedom - much more so than in other settings like an assisted living community. When a senior has the chance to age in place, they get to live life on their own terms, inside the house that they helped make into a home. More independence means more control over their personal lives, too, which leads to increased levels of fulfillment, happiness, and personal gratification. Over time, these positive feelings can manifest into a healthier, longer life.

Cost and Convenience

More independence, a healthier life, and increased comfort are only a few benefits of aging in place. You have to take into consideration the role of cost and convenience. Simply put, it's usually easier to help seniors age in place than it is to move them into an institutional care facility. In-home care services from Always Best Care, for instance, can be less expensive than long-term solutions, which can cost upwards of six figures per year. To make matters worse, many residential care facilities are reluctant to accept long-term care insurance and other types of payment assistance.

 Elderly Care Johnson City, TX

With Always Best Care's home care services, seniors and their families have a greater level of control over their care plans. In-home care in Johnson City, TX gives seniors the chance to form a bond with a trusted caregiver and also receive unmatched care that is catered to their needs. In long-term care facilities, seniors and their loved ones have much less control over their care plan and have less of a say in who provides their care.

Affordable Care Plans

In-home care is a valuable resource that empowers seniors to age in place on their own terms. However, a big concern for many families and their loved ones is how much in-home care costs. If you're worried that in-home care is too expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is one of the most affordable senior care arrangements available.

Typically, hiring an Always Best Care in-home caregiver for a few hours a week is more affordable than sending your loved one to a long-term care facility. This is true even for seniors with more complex care needs.

At Always Best Care, we will work closely with you and your family to develop a Care Plan that not only meets your care needs, but your budget requirements, too. Once we discover the level of care that you or your senior need, we develop an in-home care plan that you can afford.

 Senior Care Johnson City, TX

In addition to our flexible care options, families should also consider the following resources to help offset potential home care costs:

  • Veteran's Benefits: Attendance and aid benefits through military service can cover a portion of the costs associated with in-home care for veterans and their spouses.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Many senior care services like in-home care are included in long-term care insurance options. Research different long-term care solutions to find a plan that provides coverage for senior care.
  • Private Insurance: Home care can be included as part of a senior's private insurance plan. Read over your loved one's insurance policy carefully or speak with their insurance provider to determine if in-home care is covered.
  • Life Insurance: Depending on the life insurance plan, you may be able to apply your policy toward long-term care. You may be able to use long-term-care coverage to help pay for in-home elderly care.

During your Care Plan consultation with Always Best Care, your Care Coordinator will speak with you about in-home care costs and what options there may be to help meet your budget needs.

Compassionate Care. Trusted Caregivers

When you or your senior loved one needs assistance managing daily tasks at home, finding a qualified caregiver can be challenging. It takes a special kind of person to provide reliable care for your senior loved one. However, a caregiver's role involves more than meal preparation and medication reminders. Many seniors rely on their caregivers for companionship, too.

Our companion care services give seniors the chance to socialize in a safe environment and engage in activities at home. These important efforts boost morale and provide much-needed relief from repetitive daily routines. A one-on-one, engaging conversation can sharpen seniors' minds and give them something in which to be excited.

At Always Best Care, we only hire care providers that we would trust to care for our own loved ones. Our senior caregivers in Johnson City,TX understand how important it is to listen and communicate with their seniors. A seemingly small interaction, like a short hug goodbye, can make a major difference in a senior's day. Instead of battling against feelings of isolation, seniors begin to look forward to seeing their caregiver each week.

Understanding the nuances of senior care is just one of the reasons why our care providers are so great at their job.

Unlike some senior care companies, our caregivers must undergo extensive training before they work for Always Best Care. In addition, our caregivers receive ongoing training throughout the year. This training ensures that their standard of care matches up to the high standards we've come to expect. During this training, they will brush up on their communication skills, safety awareness, and symptom spotting. That way, your loved one receives the highest level of non-medical home care from day one.

Taking the First Step with Always Best Care

The first step in getting quality in-home care starts with a personal consultation with an experienced Care Coordinator. This initial consultation is crucial for our team to learn more about you or your elderly loved one to discover the level of care required. Topics of this consultation typically include:


An assessment of your senior loved one


An in-depth discussion of the needs of your senior loved one to remain in their own home


Reviewing a detailed Care Plan that will meet your senior loved one's needs

Our caregivers are trained to spot changes that clients exhibit, like mental and physical decline. As your trusted senior care company, we will constantly assess and update your Care Plan to meet any new emotional, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs.

If you have never considered in-home care before, we understand that you and your family may have concerns about your Care Plan and its Care Coordinator. To help give you peace of mind, know that every team member and caregiver must undergo comprehensive training before being assigned to a Care Plan.

Latest News in Johnson City, TX

11 Best Things To Do In Johnson City, Texas

Johnson City might be summed up as a small gem in the Texas Hill Country where hills, history, wine, and fun all come together. This small town, which is situated smack dab in the middle of wine country, should not be overlooked while making travel plans for the hill region.SEE ALSO: Ultimate Guide To Things To Do in FredericksburgJohnson City is located on the banks of the Pedernales Rive...

Johnson City might be summed up as a small gem in the Texas Hill Country where hills, history, wine, and fun all come together. This small town, which is situated smack dab in the middle of wine country, should not be overlooked while making travel plans for the hill region.

SEE ALSO: Ultimate Guide To Things To Do in Fredericksburg

Johnson City is located on the banks of the Pedernales River, an hour west of Austin. It takes around three and a half hours to get there from Houston, about an hour to get there from San Antonio or New Braunfels, and about four hours from Dallas. Dripping Springs is around 25 minutes apart from Johnson City.

Pedernales River

The Pedernales River is a tributary of the Colorado River that flows through Central Texas in the United States. It is about 106 miles (171 km) long.

It flows from west to east across the Texas Hill Country, draining a portion of the Edwards Plateau. First used in the middle of the 18th century, the name “Pedernales” is derived from the Spanish word for the flint rocks that are typical of the riverbed.

East of Johnson City in Blanco County, along the river, is where you’ll find Pedernales Falls State Park. Its water levels can fluctuate, like many other rivers in central Texas.

The river appears to be quite calm on a sign at the state park and is followed by a picture of a rushing wall of murky water just five minutes away. During the high-water season, whitewater rafting is a favorite activity on the lower river.

For safety concerns, it is recommended not to jump in for a swim.

Walden Retreats

We stayed at Walden Retreats this summer – a new luxury glamping property in Johnson City. This 96-acre property features 7 suites, 8 studios, an event pavilion designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, and a welcoming lobby featuring a curated general store – all in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

We loved waking up in the tent and enjoying coffee while watching the sun rise over the Pedernales River. I also loved soaking in the bathtub at night and cozying up in bed.

10% off with code KOKO10

Valid for stay dates (Sunday-Thursday) in Studio suites ONLY

Science Mill

The Science Mill is located in a former field mill in the center of Johnson City’s historic district. It aims to show science in action and pique interest in science-related careers.

Children of all ages learn while having fun through interactive exhibitions and hands-on learning with a guided tour. The kid-friendly attraction features experiments with augmented and virtual reality, simulations, enormous robots, fossil digs, and 3D theaters. The Lady Bird Lane Café serves soft drinks and small foods for refreshments. You can reserve day tours, summer programs, and mobile labs. Tuesdays and Mondays are off days for the Science Mill.

A sandbox that has a projection of land and water above it is another highly entertaining display. Sand that was piled in one location may have shown water from the place from which it was taken. You can imitate rain by holding your hands above the sand, which will then trickle down the slopes of the hills into the rivers and lakes the sand pilings had formed. It will be intriguing for both young and old!

Pedernales Falls State Park

This is a perfect place for families, and it can take you all day to explore the park. Visitors enjoy horseback riding on a ten-mile trail and hiking on a seven-mile trail. Children will want to swim, but swimming is only permitted in a specific area. Ask the park ranger at the trading post for that query. Just be aware that there will be a lot of walking and that some locations have steep rocks to descend to the river.

Pedernales Falls State Park can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. Many people visit this well-known state park to view the Pedernales waterfalls and experience the beautiful hue of the water.

Pedernales Falls State Park, a favorite of the TX Hill Country, is home to a particularly beautiful section of the Pedernales River, where guests can take in the (usually) calm falls as they cross the wide limestone riverbed.

Proof and Cooper at The Lumberyard

We stopped by Proof and Cooper on our way into Fredericksburg and the chicken fried steak is probably the best chicken fried steak I’ve ever had!

209 E Main St, Johnson City, TX

Texas Hill Country Wineries

For all the vineyards you can imagine, start in Johnson City and travel west on Highway 290 towards Fredericksburg. The wine country begins here!

Be prepared to stop the car a lot if on a guided tour, as it is the most popular route for visiting wineries in the Texas Hill Country. Hye Meadow Winery and Ron Yates Wines are two exceptional wineries on Highway 290.

SEE ALSO: 13 Best Peach Orchards In Fredericksburg TX

To promote the wines and travel destinations of eight wineries, THCM was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1999. The number of members has increased to over 50, and THCM hosts signature events all year long.

Popular Texas hills vineyards include Passport Month, Wine and Wildflower, and Christmas Wine Affair. Participating members can invite guests for meals, entertainment, and tastings. There are chances to interact with the proprietors, winemakers, and chefs.

The THCM encourages activities that are held by particular members all through the year. There are regular educational events all year long on producing grapes, making wine, and other wine-related industries. The program’s revenue is invested in a scholarship fund.

The Texas Art House

The Texas Art House is a modern art gallery that seeks to support both established and up-and-coming local Texas Hill Country artists by promoting modern visual art.

Mark Smith, Ph.D., the current owner, is a well-known academic and Texan businessman, columnist and author, curator, and judge, and he has printed and promoted limited editions for artists both domestically and internationally. There are project areas and a Main Gallery at the establishment.

Throughout the year, there are solo, group, and thematic displays. Opening hours for the Texas Art House are Friday through Sunday. New shows on various subjects are on display all year round.

Don’t miss this warm and welcoming art space in the Texas Hill Country for a glimpse into contemporary Texas culture.

105 N Nugent Ave, Johnson City, TX

Flat Creek Estate

You can reach Flat Creek Estate from Downtown Austin in about 45 minutes. Families and couples can spend the entire day at the lovely vineyards and fully functional winery. Ten thousand bottles of wine are produced each year on the estate’s twenty acres of vineyards, which total 80 acres.

The estate can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, many of which involve wine. Light meals combine well with wine tasting and excursions, but there is also the option of a three-course meal in the Wine and Food Hall that includes tastes of six different wines.

There is an 18-hole disc golf course outside with possibilities for wine and disc or dinner and disc. The Vintners Quarters provides lodging, and the Port Room is open for rentals and private events.

Pecan Street Brewing

On the town square, Johnson City’s very own Pecan Street Brewing offers wonderful drinks and meals. The (dog-friendly) Biergarten is also located in the backyard and is the ideal place to unwind on a lazy afternoon.

The Biergarten does occasionally close, so if you’re traveling with your dog as we do, you might want to phone ahead to make sure it’s open.

In case you have to wait for a table, think about walking over to the nearby longstanding jail to see if you may take a peek inside.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Lyndon Baines Johnson relocated with his family from their Stonewall Alabama farm to Johnson City when he was five years old. He remained there until he graduated from high school in 1924. LBJ’s boyhood home still mostly resembles how it did in 1937.

The Johnson Settlement and LBJ’s childhood house are located at 100 Lady Bird Lane in Johnson City. Stonewall is home to the LBJ Ranch and the LBJ State Park Historic Site Visitor Center (13 miles west of Johnson City).

He was born, lived, passed away, and was buried at the LBJ Ranch. At the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, during the hiking trails, you can read more about his life in Texas, history, closures, and tours.

You will loop among historic structures and across horse and longhorn meadows on a calm, easy track. It is accessible, free to see, and should be on any list of things to do in Johnson City.

The Farm was previously owned by Johan Friedrich Sauer and his wife Christine Strackbein. They sold the farm to the Beckmann’s in 1900, who improved it further by adding a Victorian house next to the pre-existing building.

They sold off pieces of the land over the years, including 4 acres, to President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1951. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department bought the remaining portion of the land in 1966.

You’ll see park rangers working on jobs that would have traditionally been done on a farm, such as tending the garden, working in the blacksmith shop, or knitting, while you take a free tour of the property. They are delighted to speak with you and share their plans and the background of the location.

After visiting the living history farm, proceed to the LBJ Ranch to see the Texas White House, the one-room school that Lyndon B. Johnson attended as a little child in 1912, the Johnson family grave, and LBJ’s birthplace. It is recommended to drive to all the Ranch’s structures because it is too large to navigate on foot.

Exotic Resort Zoo

The safari at the Exotic Resort Zoo is accessible via both guided and drive-through tours. Emu, wallabies, buffalo, camels, donkeys, zebras, ostriches, and antelope, to name a few, can be spotted as you drive past (and feed if you’ve purchased their food).

Weekend reservations for a day trip are advised. Adult admission is $16.95, senior admission is $15.95, and child admission is $13.95 for those aged 2 to 12. Feed sacks can be purchased separately for $6 each.

In a safari-themed environment, the Exotic Resort zoo also provides overnight accommodations. You can reserve one of eight cottages starting at $150 per night. There is an outdoor pool on the property.

It’s easy to see why Johnson City, TX is a popular destination for tourists. Between the Pedernales River, Exotic Resort Zoo, LBJ Ranch & Living History Farm, and independent galleries on Nugent Avenue and Main Street, there’s plenty to see and do in this small town. If you’re looking for a fun day trip or a weekend getaway, be sure to add Johnson City to your list!

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics for the Week of October 29

October 27, 2022 - (Tarrant County) – Tarrant County Public Health hosts numerous pop-up COVID-19 clinics across Tarrant County each week in partnership with public and private organizations listed below. Each site has the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and at times the Johnson & Johnson. Children five and older are eligible for the vaccination. Parents need to bring proof of the child’s age and their own ID for the vaccination. Booster vaccinations are available at all of the vaccination locations.TCPH would like ...

October 27, 2022 - (Tarrant County) – Tarrant County Public Health hosts numerous pop-up COVID-19 clinics across Tarrant County each week in partnership with public and private organizations listed below. Each site has the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and at times the Johnson & Johnson. Children five and older are eligible for the vaccination. Parents need to bring proof of the child’s age and their own ID for the vaccination. Booster vaccinations are available at all of the vaccination locations.

TCPH would like to bring a COVID-19 vaccination clinic to businesses, churches and organizations in the community who are interested in hosting a pop-up clinic. It’s easy and free to host a clinic.

In addition to the vaccination opportunities below, the cities of Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, Hurst, and Tarrant County College have also added opportunities for vaccinations. To find a local vaccine site, the County created a vaccine finder page: VaxUpTC website.

Pop-Up COVID-19 locations:

Glenwood Park (TCU Event) Saturday, Oct.29: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 900 South Riverside Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76108

Caraday of Fort Worth Monday, Oct.31: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 8001 Western Hills Blvd. White Settlement, TX 76108

Haltom City Senior Center Wednesday, Nov. 2: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 3201 Friendly Ln. Haltom City, TX 76117

Tarrant County Public Health CIinics:

Northwest Public Health Center Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m. 3800 Adam Grubb Road Lake Worth, TX 76135

Bagsby-Williams Health Center Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m. 3212 Miller Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76119

Southeast Public Health Center Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 6 p.m. 536 W Randol Mill Arlington TX, 76011

Main Public Health Center Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 6 p.m. 1101 S. Main Street Fort Worth, TX 76104

Southwest Public Health Center Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m. 6551 Granbury Road Fort Worth, TX 76133

Watauga Public Health Center Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m. 6601 Watauga Road Watauga, TX 76148

COVID-19 causes respiratory illness with cough, fever and shortness of breath and may lead to bronchitis and severe pneumonia. For more information go to the TCPH coronavirus page or call the Tarrant County Public Health information line, 817-248-6299, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Station Sales Week Of 10/11

After shutting down his three stations in Tifton GA in July after losing access to their transmission equipment, Danny Sterling’s Sterling Southern Land LLC is donating the former Classic Rock “Rock 105.7” WFFM Ashburn, Country 107.5 WTIF-FM Omega, and Classic Country “Real Country 99.9” 1340 WTIF/99.9 W260AT Tifton to Journey Church of Tifton. The acq...

After shutting down his three stations in Tifton GA in July after losing access to their transmission equipment, Danny Sterling’s Sterling Southern Land LLC is donating the former Classic Rock “Rock 105.7” WFFM Ashburn, Country 107.5 WTIF-FM Omega, and Classic Country “Real Country 99.9” 1340 WTIF/99.9 W260AT Tifton to Journey Church of Tifton. The acquirer will operate the stations as non-commercial.

Rox Radio Group will reacquire Alternative “X104.9” KXNA Springdale/Fayetteville AR from Elizabeth Marquis for $500,000. Rox had sold KXNA to Marquis for that same amount in November 2020 when it acquired Hog Radio Inc’s stations in the Fayetteville market. It sold Sports “ESPN Arkansas” 99.5 KAKS Goshen/95.3 K237GR Johnson to Pearson Broadcasting of Goshen earlier this year allowing the company to fit KAKS under the ownership limits.

Bill Wachter’s One Media transfers 92.9 KMML Cimarron KS to Murfin Inc.’s Western Kansas Broadcast Center, LLC for $85,000. Both buyer and seller are partners in My Town Media. KMML will join the buyer’s Garden City cluster that includes Farm/Talk 1030 KBUF Holcomb, Country “Q97” 97.3 KKJQ Garden City, CHR “Z98” 98.1 KSKZ Copeland, Rock “99.9 The Rock” KWKR Leoti and Regional Mexican “Ke Buena 105.9” KSSA Ingalls.

Bruce Campbell’s Campbell Craft Company acquires 94.7 KTXO Goldsmith/Odessa TX from West Texas Broadcasting for $25,000. KTXO currently simulcasts Kickin Country Broadcasting’s Classic Country 1330 KCKM Monahans TX.

SNE Broadcasting sells Portuguese “Radio Voz Do Emigrante” 1400 WHTB/93.7 W229DC Fall River MA to Frank Baptista’s RVDE LLC for $200,000. As part of the deal, the buyer agrees to operate the station in a language other than English for either three years or SNE Broadcasting affiliate Bristol County Broadcasting sells 1480 WSAR/95.9 W240EB Fall River.

VCY America will purchase Silent 97.9 KTPT Rapid City SD from Bethesda Christian Broadcasting for $275,000. Bethesda sold the remainder of its broadcast assets in October 2021 to University of Northwestern – St. Paul’s Northwestern Media.

Shanti Persaud’s Unity Broadcasting sells Silent 1410 WQBQ/95.1 W236DN Leesburg FL to James and Patricia Floyd’s Floyd Media Radio for $150,000.

Threshold Communications sells Oldies “The Vine” 920 KVIN Ceres CA and translators 92.3 K222BX Modesto and 107.1 K296HL Manteca including its real estate to Punjabi American Media for $800,000.

Punjabi American Media DBA Punjabi Radio USA , has purchased KVIN-AM 920 Ceres, 92.3 FM Modesto and 107.1 FM Manteca from Threshold Communications.

The purchase price for KVIN, which uses 1 tower for daytime use and two towers for nighttime use, is $800,000, includes two FM translators and 18 Acres of prime agriculture land in Modesto.

Punjabi American Media’s addition of KVIN-AM brings the company’s AM radio station count to six, as it also owns KIID-AM (Sacramento), KOBO-AM (Yuba City), KWRU-AM (Fresno), KLHC-AM (Bakersfield), KCVR-AM (Lodi) and 99.3 FM & 98.5HD3 San Jose Bay Area. Its count of FM translators will be seven with addition of two new.

With 6 AM and 7 FM stations Punjabi/Indian radio station will be the largest network of Punjabi/South Asian radio station in California.

KVIN will adopt the “Punjabi Radio USA” programming presently heard on Punjabi American Media’s network of radio stations. It presently airs an Oldies radio format.

Demographics have changed a lot in California. The Punjabi community has grown substantially in California’s San Joaquin / Central Valley in recent years; hence the acquisition of KVIN will serve the Sikh/Punjabi/Indian Community.

KVIN’s signal reaches Modesto, Turlock, Manteca, Lodi & Stockton. KVIN runs at five hundred watts daytime but at sunset, power increases to 2,500 watts.

KVIN-AM first signed on the air on September 15, 1963, as KLOC. It was originally founded by country music artist Chester Smith who served as general manager.

Vic Michael’s Mountain Community Translators will sell 96.5 K243BN Laveen AZ (pending application to move to 95.9 Cave Creek) to station broker George Kimble’s Media Sales LLC for $50,000. Kimble lists LLC’s “Oldies 96.5” KIKO-FM Claypool as its originating signal.

Manny Arroyo will purchase 93.9 W230AL Cocoa and 103.5 W278CN Eatonville/Orlando FL from Black Media Works for $200,000. W230AL, which has applied to relocate to Union Park on the east side of Orlando, will rebroadcast Spanish Variety “La Grande 1030” WONQ Oviedo. W278CN already rebroadcasts Salsa “Viva FM” 1140 WVVO Orlando.

Radio By Grace sells 104.7 K284DA Clovis NM to Vance Barbee’s Estrella Broadcasting for $2401. K284DA currently rebroadcasts the buyer’s 93.3 KUXL Muleshoe TX, but will shift to Barbee’s New Path Communications’ CP for 91.5 KIXV Muleshoe.

Radio By Grace also transfers 105.1 K286BU Idaho Falls ID to Kent Frandsen’s Sandhill Media Group in exchange for HD subchannels in Idaho Falls and Pocatello to feed programming for their 95.7 K239BN Idaho Falls and K293BR Pocatello and providing tower space for the former for ten years. K286BU will rebroadcast Frandsen’s 107.9 KAOX Shelley.

10 Amazing Things To Do In Quaint Johnson City, Texas

All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.A Texas Hill Country, small-town charmer with scenic beauty all around meets history, hills, wine, and wildflowers — that’s Johnson City in a nutshell. Located right in the heart of wine country, this town is not to be missed when planning a visit to the hill country.You can spend a day exploring Johnson City, but you may want to stay longer to see one...

All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.

A Texas Hill Country, small-town charmer with scenic beauty all around meets history, hills, wine, and wildflowers — that’s Johnson City in a nutshell. Located right in the heart of wine country, this town is not to be missed when planning a visit to the hill country.

You can spend a day exploring Johnson City, but you may want to stay longer to see one of the prettiest state parks — Pedernales Falls State Park — and the Boyhood Home of Lyndon B. Johnson. Plus, I found the best coffee in town here.

While you’re there, you might want to visit Johnson City’s neighbors — Stonewall and Hye. Each has its own authentic spin on the hill country. Visiting Marble Falls is a great choice, too; it’s only about a 25-minute drive on Highway 281 in the opposite direction from Fredericksburg. Before anything, stop by Johnson City Visitor Center, pick up a visitor’s guide, and meet the friendly staff.

Many travelers think of the town Fredericksburg when planning to visit the hill country, but I suggest putting Johnson City on your list. And here’s why.

1. Home Of Lyndon Baines Johnson, America’s 36th President

In 1913, Lyndon B. Johnson was 5 years old when his family moved from their farm in Stonewall to Johnson City — living there until his high school graduation in 1924. To this day, his boyhood home looks much the same as it did in 1937. Lyndon B. Johnson’s roots lie in Stonewall and Johnson City.

LBJ’s boyhood home and the Johnson Settlement are at 100 Lady Bird Lane, Johnson City.

LBJ State Park Historic Site Visitor Center and the LBJ Ranch are located in Stonewall (13 miles west of Johnson City). The LBJ Ranch is where he was born, lived, died, and was buried.

You can read more about his life in Texas, history, closures, and tours at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park.

2. Johnson City Coffee Company

Not just any coffee, locally-owned Johnson City Coffee Co. has the best coffee I’ve ever had. It beats any K-cup I’ve ever tried. And, the best part: it’s $2 for a medium cup of Joe… and that price includes tax. I wished I lived closer to go by each morning for coffee. They also offer specialty coffee drinks and light, refrigerated meals. Drive-thru, sit outside, or, if time permits, pop in to see their adorable farmhouse decor, including a huge framed photo of a cow.

3. Farmhouse Vineyards And Marketplace

A splendid way to start your day (after the coffee), or a pleasant way to end it in town, would be to enjoy a wine tasting and a cheese board at Farmhouse Vineyards and Marketplace. They have ample seating inside and outside. Plus, the Tipsy Trailer on the property makes an adorable picture-taking opportunity. Every now and then, they have special events that involve the Tipsy Trailer opening to serve wine to visitors. If you want to try different wines, may I suggest their signature wine, The Boyfriend? When we were there, we loved the name, so we had to try it, but my favorite is a red wine called Ramble On.

4. Stay Somewhere Fancy In Johnson City

Finding and staying in quaint rentals is part of the travel experience, especially in the hill country. Katy Jane owns the Farmhouse Vineyard & Marketplace and has two home rentals in town. One is across the street within walking distance of her winery. The other is down the street from the winery.

The Vagabonds Farmhouse on Vrbo is where I recently stayed. What I love the most about her place is the eclectic decor. It’s hard to explain, but it’s well put together and professionally done. I asked Katy Jane who is her decorator, and she said it was her. She did a fabulous job, just like she has done with her winery and her other rental.

About a 3-minute drive from the winery and not far from the Johnson City Coffee Co., The Tasting House is a delightful home chock-full of Katy Jane’s eclectic style where you can rent the entire cottage on Airbnb.

Long-time residents of Johnson City, Michael and Amy Normand, love to welcome visitors to their bed and breakfast and serve their guests a delicious homemade breakfast each morning. New Life Farms BnB is available to rent on Airbnb.

5. Best Restaurants In Johnson City

When visiting small towns, eating at local restaurants is one of the highlights of traveling.

Bryans On 209 is where everybody we asked suggested we eat. On my second visit, we did walk down there to check out the menu outside for everyone to view. We were told reservations are a must, especially on weekends and when special events are in town. Since everything is within walking distance, we wanted to check it out before making reservations. We heard the steaks are good and the desserts are even better, but it was a little pricey for us, so we went across the street. I will make it here one of these days.

Share a meal or not, the menu is complete with southern barbeque, salads, and the works. The meals were hefty both times I ate here. There’s no need to be in a hurry when dining here. Proof and Cooper is a great option for when Bryans On 209 is full. The location is 209 East Main Street and catty-corner from the Farmhouse Vineyard.

And then there are good, delicious hamburgers smothered in onions on a sesame bun — complete goodness if you ask me. Fat Boy Burgers packs it on high with a side of fries or onion rings. Don’t worry, they offer chicken and salads too.

Another great place to get a burger is down the road from Pedernales Falls State Park. I stumbled on this place and I’m glad I did — the best hamburger I’ve had in years! The place was out in nowhere, and I hesitated to go inside, but I was hungry. It’s a rustic tavern with “Trading Post” on the front. Its real name is Pedernales Falls Trading Post and it’s just right of the park going towards Johnson City at 947 Ranch Road 2766.

6. Pedernales Falls State Park

So much to see, so much to love. I finally got to visit. The blue-green water was so surreal, with views of the rocks, hills, and the path it took to get there and back, I could have stayed longer. I did not hike, but there are numerous trails for hiking.

To see the entire park could take a full day, especially if kids are with you. They are going to want to swim, but there is only a certain area that allows swimming. That is a question you might want to ask the park ranger at the Trading Post. Just know it’s a lot of walking and some areas have steep rocks to go down to the water. I did see benches along the way.

You don’t have to be outdoorsy to enjoy Pedernales Falls State Park. The color of the water and waterfalls is enough to want to see this popular state park in the Texas Hill Country. Don’t be surprised if the falls are not flowing. When I was there, the area hadn’t had rain in months, which affected the waterfall.

Pro Tip: It’s best to make reservations online because they only allow a certain number of visitors daily. Saturdays will sell out fast.

7. Science Mill

The Science Mill offers a learning environment for all ages with its interactive indoor and outdoor activities with exhibits that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math, aka STEM. It’s a great place to take the grandkids.

For museum updates and admission, visit Science Mill before you go.

8. The Exotic Resort Zoo

Built from scratch, the Exotic Resort Zoo owners, Dennis and Marilyn Bacque, had a love for animals before they thought of building the zoo. Their love for all animals has grown into a family experience like no other. They now offer safari cabins to rent with a fishing pond to make it more of a family destination. You can drive through or take a guided tour of the zoo. You can even stay in safari cabins. That would be fun, especially if the kids are with you.

The zoo is open every day, and if you go by the visitor center and pick up the Johnson City magazine, there is a coupon inside for 15 percent off general admission.

9. Wineries On Highway 290

Start in Johnson City and head west on Highway 290 towards Fredericksburg for all the wineries you can imagine. I’ve lost count of how many there are just on this highway, but the wine country starts here! This winery route is the most popular route to take when visiting wineries in the Texas Hill Country, so be prepared to stop the car… a lot. My two favorite wineries on Highway 290 are Hye Meadow Winery and Ron Yates Wines. Both places served us well.

10. Wildflowers In Spring

I can’t go without mentioning the beautiful wildflowers in this part of Texas. If you’re lucky to be in the area in the springtime, there are many routes to take to see the beautiful fields of flowers. While in Johnson City, travel west on Highway 290 towards Fredericksburg — you’ll see plenty of flowers. Turn and keep going on Highway 16 towards LLano to see more.

Check out all that the Texas Hill Country has to offer, including these stories:

Shop, Dine, and Drink in Johnson City

The Johnson City mural depicts the hallmarks of Hill Country life: longhorns, cowboys, bluebonnets, vineyards, rivers, a stonework courthouse, and, of course, rolling hills. But downtown is packing more than rustic charm. The city center is chock-full of places to eat, drink, shop, and hang.This reporter spent a Tuesday afternoon exploring and sampling a slice of Johnson City. I parked beside the Blanco County Courthouse, one of many beautiful stonework structures that define the Hill Country. It was clear downtown was thriving. All o...

The Johnson City mural depicts the hallmarks of Hill Country life: longhorns, cowboys, bluebonnets, vineyards, rivers, a stonework courthouse, and, of course, rolling hills. But downtown is packing more than rustic charm. The city center is chock-full of places to eat, drink, shop, and hang.

This reporter spent a Tuesday afternoon exploring and sampling a slice of Johnson City. I parked beside the Blanco County Courthouse, one of many beautiful stonework structures that define the Hill Country. It was clear downtown was thriving. All of the storefronts were occupied with an array of art galleries, cafes, breweries, and boutiques. The town square is walkable, and it isn’t a stretch to stroll down U.S. 290, which doubles as Johnson City’s Main Street and holds many of the stops to grab a bite or a drink.

Like in many small towns, Tuesdays are slow and there wasn’t a lot open, but I was surprised at the presence of so many hip shopping spots. The Texas Vintage Motorcycle Museum and the Science Mill are also dominant features on the Johnson City downtown landscape. Both are worth a visit when you take a trip out this way.

I was drawn into the Farmhouse Vineyards Tasting Room on my walk down Main Street by an “open” sign and a shining airstream trailer parked out front. As I stepped through the doors, I was greeted by Carrie Hillabrant, a tasting room attendant with years of experience in the Hill Country wine scene but new to Farmhouse Vineyards.

“I think it's the cutest little town,” said Hillbrant, who had only been working in the tasting room for a month.

She recommended I try Farmhouse Vineyards' Cultivated, a red blend comprised of 60 percent cabernet sauvignon, 32 percent merlot, and 18 percent petit verdot. Hillabrant described it as earthy with a little spice and well rounded with a smooth finish. My tastes aren’t refined enough to corroborate her description, but I did think it was pretty good.

Farmhouse uses 100 percent Texas grapes for its wine, which is a big deal. According to the American Viticulture Association, only 75 percent of the grapes used in a wine have to be from the state for it to qualify as a Texas wine.

As I sipped my wine, Hillabrant broke down the layout of Farmhouse Vineyards, which is actually located in Brownfield, a small town outside of Lubbock. The vineyard’s owners chose to open a tasting room in Johnson City because it is in the heart of Texas wine country, and they aren’t wrong. U.S. 290, which runs through Johnson City, is also referred to as Texas Wine Road 290 because dozens of wineries and vineyards dot the highway from Interstate 10 in the west to Austin in the east.

The tasting room is built right into an old home, and it feels like you’re visiting friends and family when you walk in. But the outdoor portion is what really drew me. A slick airstream trailer, gyroscopic wind chimes, and plenty of seating made it obvious that this would be a great spot to visit in cooler weather. The airstream was actually the original tasting room, which later expanded into the whole property.

Finishing my wine, I asked Hillabrant where to grab a bite, and she recommended Proof & Cooper at The Old Lumber Yard. It was a quick walk over and I was seated in an open dining room adorned with stag heads, Edison bulbs, and plenty of bare-wood furniture.

I asked for the tallest thing on the menu, which ended up being the smoked club sandwich. It’s hard to beat interlocking layers of smoked turkey and buttered Texas toast. The menu is pretty straightforward, classic country cuisine with a few hip twists.

Somehow, I couldn’t refuse dessert and ended up inhaling a turtle brownie with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. This was another tough pairing to beat, a one-two combo of molten chocolate and cold creamy vanilla.

This is Proof & Cooper’s second location, the first being in Dripping Springs. I had actually heard of it before by way of its annual pig wrestling competition that features would-be swine wranglers attempting to put a T-shirt on a rowdy hog.

With Tuesday afternoon coming to a close, I made my way back to the car. This was not my first time in Johnson City. I’ve grabbed a coffee at Black Spur and sipped it in the sculpture garden, and I’ve had a flight of craft beer at Reck 'Em Right Brewing Company while a three-piece string band plucked old cowboy songs.

Johnson City might have the most packed into it of any Hill Country getaway. Make sure you visit on a weekend and see for yourself.

209 E. Main St., Johnson City

Classic country cuisine in a simple, rugged space. Grab drinks or grub, see live music, and maybe even wrestle a pig.

106 E. Pecan Drive, Johnson City

A large, popular spot for brews and homemade Southern dishes.

102 S. Avenue G, Johnson City

A tucked-away spot for barbecue, craft beers, and live music.

300 E. Main St., Johnson City

An upscale American bistro that recommends reservations before your visit.

211 U.S. 281 South, Johnson City

Classic Hill Country barbecue and a Johnson City institution.

402 E. Main St., Johnson City

An inviting tasting room with great outdoor seating and monthly wine club parties.

213 N. Nugent Ave., Johnson City

The Johnson City outpost for Alex Anthony Vineyards, which is in Brownfield. A friendly spot for sipping and socializing.

100 W. Main St., Johnson City

A small coffee shop built into an art gallery and sculpture garden right on Main Street in Johnson City.

104 U.S. 281, Johnson City

Heralded as one of the best burger joints in the Hill Country.

101 S. Lady Bird Lane, Johnson City

A health-conscious cafe inside the Science Mill.

108 W. Main St., Johnson City

Homemade Chinese dumplings in a small, cozy storefront downtown.

106 N. Nugent Ave., Johnson City

A speakeasy on the square to relax and enjoy smooth spirits.

105 U.S. 281, Johnson City

A beer garden in the heart of town for locals and tourists alike.

108 W. Main St., Johnson City

A cool coffee spot that teams up with the Texas Vintage Motorcycle Museum on the weekends.

302 E. Main St., Johnson City

A boutique with chic Western wear.

107 Nugent Ave., Johnson City

A salon and fashion boutique with city and country styles.

Vintage 205

205 E. Main St., Johnson City

An antique and vintage emporium with a selection of handpicked fashion and decor.

205 E. Main St., Johnson City

A whimsical boutique filled with the heart and soul of a small-town family.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Locals, let visitors know your favorite places to shop, dine, and drink in the comments section below.

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