Solutions in Oral Health Care for Seniors

Whether your senior parent or other loved one is living independently in the community or is residing in an assisted living facility, he or she should be aware of the importance of good oral health care. Too often, seniors decide that problems with their teeth or gums are simply a normal part of aging and try to ignore them. However, professionals such as Always Best Care (ABC) staff who provide the home care Memphis TN residents enjoy can attest to the serious consequences of such neglect.

It is probably useful for you to understand what the issues are for seniors’ dental health care. If good oral hygiene is not practiced daily, there are several minor issues you might notice, including:

  • Plaque buildup on teeth
  • Persistent halitosis
  • Xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth

Unfortunately, if your senior continues to ignore dental hygiene habits, much more serious problems develop such as:

  • Gingivitis when the gums become red, swollen and even bleeding
  • Periodontal disease that becomes obvious as gums recede from the teeth and pockets of infection develop
  • Deterioration of gum, bone and tissue around the teeth

There is also evidence of links between poor dental health and other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory ailments. Even dementia can affect dental health as many patients with the diagnosis cannot remember to practice good oral hygiene. The elder care Memphis seniors need often includes help with maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

If your senior is determined to stay in his or her own home in the community, you might want to have a frank discussion about the possible impact of neglect to oral hygiene. Remind them, as they probably had to remind a younger you, of the basic routine:

  • Brush teeth at least twice daily
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Invest in a good electric toothbrush
  • Floss daily, either manually or with a water flosser
  • Schedule regular visits with a dentist or dental hygienist for professional cleanings and checkups

Perhaps your parent or other senior loved one is resisting your suggestions, in which case, you might want to consider the need for some in-home assistance. Call the professionals at Always Best Care, which provide senior care Memphis TNresidents rely on and trust. An overall assessment of the support necessary for your senior to continue to live at home will turn into a personalized care plan. ABC offers a wide range of services, from companionship and housecleaning to meal preparation and personal care.

Rico and Shekinah Andrews, the local Always Best Care owners, are committed to following company standards for providing excellent senior care. Contact Rico or Shekinah at (901) 414-2388 or [email protected] to schedule your free consultation.

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