Helping Memphis Seniors Get More Sleep

The Memphis, TN area has many activities and attractions that seniors enjoy such as the Carnival Memphis and Memphis in May. However, seniors who are not getting the sleep that they need or who are lacking good quality sleep, enjoyment may be hard to come by and they may miss out on the many wonderful things this city has to offer.


Look for these signs of senior sleep deprivation:
  • Increased falling and lack of balance
  • Increase in illness frequency or severity
  • Poor emotional well-being
  • Confusion
  • Irritability


If your senior is showing any of these signs or symptoms it may be time to discuss it with their doctor. You can also speak to them and a caregiver from Always Best Care about using these tips to help them get more sleep or to improve the quality of their sleep:


Reducing or Eliminating Alcohol Consumption

While it is common for seniors to have an alcoholic drink in the evening and pre-bedtime hours, the alcohol could be preventing them from getting to sleep and staying asleep. Avoiding alcohol or reducing the amount that is consumed can help seniors get better sleep.


Create a Bedtime Routine

Creating a bedtime routine may help seniors enjoy better sleep. A bedtime routine should include calming activities such as a warm bath, personal hygiene, reading, listening to music, writing, or meditating. These activities can help your senior’s mind and body begin to relax before their head ever hits the pillow at night.


Decrease Bedroom Clutter

Too much clutter in the sleeping area can prevent anyone from getting the rest that the need. Cutting back on clutter and getting organized may help seniors catch more zzz’s.


Home care Memphis TN

For senior care Memphis TN residents turn to Always Best Care. We offer reliable and trustworthy solutions for in-home assistance. Our professional assisted living caregivers can take steps to help seniors get more sleep and even take them on outings to their favorite areas in Memphis such as the Memphis Riverfront. In addition, we can help with hobbies, medical appointments, social outings, shopping, cooking, laundry, and self-care and grooming.

For the high quality elder care Memphis TN families rely on, contact Always Best Care. Call local owners, Rico and Shekinah Andrews today at (901) 414-2388 to discover how our services can help your senior and to schedule a complimentary care consultation.


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