Things to Remember When Selecting a Companion Animal for Your Senior

Want to surprise your senior with a pet? If yes, there are a few things you must keep in mind before moving ahead. First, make sure to choose a type of pet that they would actually want or would enjoy. Second, you also need to make sure the type of pet you choose fits their physical as well as mental ability to care for animal.

While puppies are fun to be around, they are very energetic and may call for quite a lot of work on the part of their owner. It may be better to have an older dog which is already housebroken and a bit calmer.

Cats make wonderful companions to elderly that may not be physically able to care for a more active dog. Look for an adult cat that enjoys being pet and groomed.

Rabbits can also be a wonderful pet for your elderly family member. They can be litterbox trained like a cat, love to be pet and groomed, and are simple to feed and care for. Since they are caged more often than not, this type of animal can be wonderful for seniors that have minor mobility problems. They do not get underfoot like a cat or dog could and cause a possible fall.

Once you have a companion animal for your senior, you should look for reliable Senior Caregivers in Lenoir City. Caregivers are trained to provide seniors the care and support they need, plus can play a vital role in ensuring that both your aging family member and their pet are doing well.

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