Signs That Senior Should Move to Assisted Living

When it comes to housing, most seniors want to age in place and stay home for as long as possible. However, it may not be practical for older adults, especially those suffering from medical conditions and declining health. But since they insist on living alone, families may miss the signs indicating that senior should move to Assisted Living.

Here is a list of signs showing that an older adult should move to Assisted Living.

Frequent falls and accidents – Is your aging loved one experiencing frequent falls, accidents and injuries? It could be a sign of trouble. Older adults struggling with mobility, medical conditions and declining health are likely to suffer from falls and accidents. It shows that they need regular help and care to maintain their quality of life. Moving them to Assisted Living is probably the right choice in this matter.

Weight loss – Many seniors show sudden weight loss when struggling with meals preparation and management. They probably can’t drive anymore to go for grocery shopping. If such is the case for your aging loved one, then moving them to Assisted Living is the right decision, where they will get nutritious meals regularly.

Unkempt appearance – Senior’s unkempt appearance is another sign that they are struggling in daily living and need help. Transition to Assisted Living can provide them the help they need in day-to-day routine.

Cluttered house – Cluttered, dirty house, piling up dishes and untidy yard show that your aging loved one needs help in daily living. Mobility issues, vision impairment, hearing loss and diseases can make housekeeping and daily living difficult for older adults. At Assisted Living, they can have the assistance they need to stay healthy.

If you are seeing these signs in senior, then talk to them and get to a mutual decision about their present and future care. And, if you are looking for senior assisted living services in Maryville, then contact Always Best Care at (865) 259-7770 for reliable referrals.

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