Seniors: Improve Your Hearing & Improve Quality of Life

Hearing is a sense that many of us take for granted. Vision is usually hailed as the most important, but when you think about it, hearing is pretty important, as well. Without hearing we wouldn’t hear our grandchildren talk, or the birds in the backyard chirping. We wouldn’t hear our favorite music or our spouse saying, “I love you.” Our hearing alerts us of danger, and through music it can take us back to different wonderful eras of our life.

It’s estimated that 48 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss, and it takes an average of about seven years for someone to seek help for it. Those that don’t seek help are more prone to a number of both physical and mental maladies including loneliness, depression, mental illness, dementia, lowered self-esteem, eroding of the quality of relationships, and more. If you’re suffering from hearing loss, now is the time to seek help, so you don’t miss out on all of the wonderful sounds that are all around you. Below are some ways you can improve the quality of your hearing:

  • Loud music and loud sounds above 100 decibels can greatly affect the quality of someone’s hearing. As a matter of fact, continual exposure can lead to hearing loss. Limit exposure to loud sounds like the lawn mower, loud music at concerts or at home, motorcycles, etc.
  • Do you find yourself turning up the volume on the TV or radio because you’re having trouble hearing it? Are you having trouble hearing on the phone? Talk to your doctor about it immediately.
  • Talk to family and friends about your hearing loss so they know that when they speak to you they should look at your directly and not cover their mouth. They should also avoid rapid speech.
  • If you’re experiencing hearing loss, learn to read body language and facial expressions, to help you determine what the other person is saying without having to rely solely on their speech.

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