How to Prevent Senior Abuse

In the United States, more than half a million reports of abuse against seniors reach the authorities every year. Senior abuse takes many forms including sexual, physical, emotional, and more. Elder abuse is a term that refers to an intentional act by any person, which causes harm to the senior. Given below are some important considerations that can be useful in keeping seniors safe from any kind of abuse.

• Check in regularly – Always stay in touch with your loved one. When you visit, chat or call them, see if there are any warning signs that indicate abuse.

• Carefully select the care provider – If your loved one needs a caregiver, make ensure that you choose one very carefully. Make sure that they are trained, boned, and insured.

• Ask for help if you need – Do not take on the responsibility of a caregiver on your own if you are too occupied with other professional or personal commitments. Doing so can exhaust you both physically & mentally. So, look for a reliable professional caregiver who can take care of your loved one when you aren’t around them.

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