How Diet Provides Protection Against Dementia?

Do you know that diet can provide protection against dementia? Millions of seniors are suffering from this progressive disease in America and the numbers are likely to increase in the coming years. Any senior can be at the risk. Reducing the risk is the only way to gain protection against dementia. And, diet can play a big role in it. Here is how.

  • Leafy green vegetables help in boosting memory, effectively reducing the risk of dementia.
    Saturated fats elevate the cholesterol levels that are believed to be associated with memory problems. This is why seniors are advised to lower the amount of such fats in their diet.
  • High amount of salt in food can increase the risk of dementia by boosting risk factors like high blood pressure. It is essential to reduce salt intake in diet by avoiding processed foods.
  • Omega 3 obtained from oily fishes like salmon are good for brain health, as they reduce the risk of memory loss in older adults.
  • Including a variety of fruits and vegetables in diet protects the brain from damage and against Alzheimer’s/dementia.

It seems that diet can provide seniors protection against dementia. If your loved one is at the risk too (due to age, family history and genetics), then make sure that they follow a healthy diet. They will probably need your help in meal management. If you can’t provide them regular help, then hire caregivers. These professionals can take care of your seniors’ diet and provide them regular assistance in daily living too.

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