The Importance of Exercise to Stay Healthy

Everyone needs proper exercise. If you have a senior in your life that thinks they are too old to participate in strenuous activities, they just might need a little encouragement. Exercise does not have to mean heavy weight lifting or intense aerobic workouts; it can be something as simple as walking, stretching or strengthening exercises. If your relative resists the idea, the assistance of a professional from a home care agency might be able to encourage, supervise and provide companionship during exercise.

Types of Exercises

There are many different exercises that a senior can participate in. It is important to encourage your relative to try a few different types to determine which activities they prefer. If they enjoy the activity, they might be more likely to participate in it more often.

Stretching – Remaining flexible through the golden years might help to lengthen the amount of independence a senior is able to keep. Simple stretching activities might also help prevent injuries or falls in the future by helping him or her stay flexible.

Aerobic – Participating in activities that get the heart pumping might help to reduce the risk of heart disease. There are many senior aerobic classes available at various centers or they can participate in daily walks around the block with the assistance or companionship of professional home care providers.

Strength Training – Lifting weights can be something as simple as exercising with dumbbells a few times per week. This helps to keep the muscles strong and helps to protect the joints.

All of these activities can help to strengthen a senior’s abilities, improve flexibility and enhance the likelihood of retaining independence long term.




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