Yoga Helps Seniors Continue Living at Home

Physical and mental fitness is an important factor in determining whether or not seniors can continue to live in their own home in the community. Even if they have excellent in-home senior care Rock Hill SC residents have come to expect from Always Best Care, there is still a need to be strong enough to be in control of the situation. If this is a concern of your loved one, you might want to suggest they take up yoga.

The practice of yoga strengthens both the body and mind. For more than 5,000 years, yoga has been a way of life for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Even if your parents are suffering from arthritic joints, muscle aches and pains or any other physical condition, they can still enjoy and benefit from yoga. The poses and movements are precise and purposeful; however, they can be modified to accommodate an older, unstable body. In fact, after a few sessions, most seniors say they are feeling better than ever.

Even funny sounding poses such as Tree, Bridge, Extended Puppy and Legs Up the Wall provide long lasting benefits, including:

  • elder careGreater flexibility for the entire body
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved balance to prevent slips and falls, which so often incapacitate seniors
  • Strengthened lower back, hips and thighs
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Improved bone health, especially important for those suffering from osteoporosis
  • Increased ability to focus and concentrate, improving memory function

All the movements are deliberate and focused. Yoga is not anything like an aerobics class with loud music urging you to go faster. It is peaceful and soothing. Your loved one will soon be raving about the sense of well being at the end of every session.

Yoga is a perfect complement to non-medical in-home Rock Hill SC services provided by Always Best Care. Even if your parent needs companionship, housekeeping or personal care services from the professional, qualified Always Best Care staff, it is still important for him or her to feel strong enough to be making decisions. Yoga helps develop physical and mental strength.

Phil Davidson, the local Always Best Care owner, ensures your loved one will receive the compassionate, personalized senior care Rock Hill SC residents expect from his care team. He is well connected with community resources and, when the time comes, will also be able to make a referral to an appropriate facility providing the assisted living Rock Hill SC seniors are able to access. Contact Phil at (803) 329-0079 or [email protected] to schedule a free consultation for exploring all the options for your parent or other loved one.

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