Technological Advances in Digital Sound Processing Hearing Aids in Rock Hill

Back in 1996, a major breakthrough was first introduced to people who suffered from hearing loss.  This was the first time the world had seen the Digital Sound Processing (DSP) hearing aid.

Aids to hearing had been around for hundreds of years, starting with the invention of the ear trumpet.  The ear trumpet worked by amplifying all sounds around the user, and this concept for hearing aids barely changed until 1996.

It may surprise you to learn that electronic hearing aids have been around since the late 1890s.  Analog electronic hearing aids were simply volume controls, allowing the user to turn all sounds up or down using a switch or dial similar to what you’d find on a radio.  The key problem here is “all sounds.”

Most people who suffer from hearing loss don’t lose their ability to hear all sounds.  Instead, they struggle to hear certain sounds against the background of others, like conversation in a busy restaurant, for example.  An analog hearing aid would turn up the volume for not only the conversation, but for the background noise as well, making it even harder to hear conversation.

Modern DSP hearing aids can be set up by hearing professionals to target the sounds that users are struggling to hear while completely ignoring sounds that they can hear.  In other words, every hearing aid is customized to specifically suit the person who is wearing it.  As that person grows older, the settings can be further altered as his or her needs change.

DSP hearing aid wearers can now go into a restaurant, and—against the background noise of rattling plates, scraping knives and forks, and other people talking—they can actually pick out conversation and join in once again.

This technology has opened up a whole new world to scores of people who suffer from hearing problems.  The only difficulty wearers may experience is being overwhelmed by the sheer number of noises they had forgotten existed.  In time, the ears will adjust to this new world full of sound.

If you feel you suffer from hearing problems, then speak to a loved one about seeking a medical diagnosis.  If you have home care in Rock Hill, talk to your Caregiver.  A DSP hearing aid could change your life.

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