Seniors Can Use Singing to Heal Their Bodies And Minds

Seniors living in the Chester, York, Lancaster, and Cherokee counties can begin benefiting from Always Best Care’s many senior care Rock Hill services. For example, seniors can make use of our companionship services for nature walks at Manchester Meadows Park or one of the other 30+ local parks, or assistance to attend singing sessions at local music theater groups. Singing carries several physical and mental benefits for seniors. Seniors who participate in singing through our assisted living Rock Hill SC companionship services can expect to:

1.Improve their self-confidence

Seniors who feel good about themselves and their lives are likely to do better at managing their daily affairs than those who do not. Regular singing therapy sessions provide one way for seniors to begin feeling better about themselves and lead happier, more vibrant, and independent lives. This is due to singing stimulating the feel good center of the brain.

2.Socialize more with other seniors

Through group singing therapy sessions at their local musical groups, seniors get an opportunity to capitalize on a rare opportunity for meaningful fellowship. They can connect with other seniors through this common interest and improve their physical, mental and emotional health all in one swoop!

3.Have healthier bodies

Clearer vision, sitting up straighter, and breathing a little more deeply are all physical benefits seniors can enjoy from participating in regular singing therapy sessions. This is as regular singing therapy sessions have been shown to improve breathing, posture, and eyesight over time. These physical benefits, coupled with the emotional ones, create total well-being which can inadvertently result in needing to make fewer trips to the hospital.

Science Agrees: Singing Offers Seniors Miraculous Benefits

A recent study by George Washington University (GWU) researchers was published in the ‘Music Perception’ journal, and the study showed that singing as a special form of music therapy was highly effective in boosting memory, improving speech communication through better voice projection and enunciation, reducing anxiety, and improving the functioning of physical senses like seeing. Findings from the GWU study furthered the positive findings from a University of Miami School of Medicine on the usefulness of traditional music therapy.

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