Reducing the Risk of Falls for Seniors

For the majority of people, falling over is not something to generally worry about.  It doesn’t happen very often and when it does, injuries are thankfully quite rare.

Unfortunately in the elderly the opposite is true, due to a deterioration in balance and coordination they are prone to fall over much more often.  When they do fall over the likelihood of serious injury is much higher, and the recovery period for that injury is usually much longer.

A broken bone can take months to recover from and in many cases they can never recover enough to be back to their old physical self.  This is why it is so important to, wherever possible, make falling over for the elderly as difficult as possible.

The following are some safety tips to speak to them about, if they have elderly care in Rock Hill, include their caregiver in the conversation.

  • Ensure their home is clean and as clutter free as possible. Check the rooms and hallways that they frequent most, concentrate especially on the path they take around the house.  Make sure there are no items to trip over on the floor, but also check rugs and other soft furnishings are secure.  It may be worth trying to persuade them to part with rugs altogether.
  • Consider moving all essential rooms to the ground floor. This can obviously only be done if they have proper washroom facilities on this level.  If their bedroom is upstairs, move it downstairs if there is adequate space
  • Install safety devices where appropriate. These include hand rails to give them something to hold onto as they move about, as well as helping them rise and sit in a chair or a bathroom.  Also consider installing automatic lighting devices.  Seniors ten to need to get up in the night, so a dark activated night light may be a good idea, as would a motion activated light in and on the way to their bathroom.
  • Speak to your loved one about doing regular exercise. Exercise not only considerably improves coordination, it can sometimes make muscles stronger, which leads to better balance and a smaller likelihood of falling in the first place.  Yoga is a great way to increase strength and coordination without the strenuous cardio activity.


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