How to Know When Your Parents Need Extra Help

in-home senior careThe role of caretaker often shifts from the parents to the child as parents reach a certain stage in their senior years. It is a necessary transition that comes with many worries. For example, you may be the one with the responsibility of deciding when independent living is no longer the best choice for them. It may be time to investigate the options for assisted living Rock Hill SC communities that may or may not be right for your parent or loved one’s needs. Knowing when to take this step is not simple. There are many factors to consider. You need to pay close attention to your parents and their circumstances. If you choose to look for established in-home senior care Rock Hill offers exemplary services from Always Best Care. They can assess any observations you have made regarding your parents’ quality of life and help you with important decisions and arrangements.

Conditions that Call for Senior Care Rock Hill services

If you notice that your parents have repeatedly missed or taken the wrong dosage of their prescribed medications, they may need to be more closely monitored.

If you see evidence of accidents – either bruises or scrapes on their person, a cracked mirror in the bathroom, or an unexplained scratch on their car door- it could mean that they are at a greater risk for injury when they are alone.

If there is a change in their appearance or hygiene, it could be telling you that daily care routines are getting harder. When a normally fastidiously clean and neat individual starts wearing rumpled, mismatched clothes, or develops an unpleasant odor, it could mean forgetfulness, depression, or even an avoided shower to circumvent the possibility of a fall.

If your parent is a pet owner and the pet is being neglected- if a dog’s nails have grown too long, or a cat’s fur has become matted- it doesn’t mean they no longer care about the animal. Most likely it means they are forgetful or not up to the task of caring for it.

If you smell something unpleasant when you walk in their front door, look for the source. Pay attention to towels and washcloths that have been allowed to mildew, look at the bathroom for dirty fixtures that should have been attended to, check to be sure there is no spoiled food on the counter or in the refrigerator, and make certain the garbage has been taken out.

These are but a few observations that may be telling you additional help is needed. For expert non-medical in-home care Rock Hill SC has Always Best Care. A free consultation will give you the chance to air your concerns and evaluate what you have noticed so Always Best Care can help you formulate an optimum care plan specific to your senior loved one’s needs. Contact Phil Davidson today at (803) 329-0079 or [email protected].

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