Helping Your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning

Take a second and imagine what your parent’s house looks like right now. If you haven’t been over there in a while, take a lunch break and spend some time with your loved one and while you’re their, check out his or her house. What do you see? If your aging parent is like most, then you can probably imagine plenty of boxes piled up on each other in the closet, maybe a layer of dust on some cabinets, and an attic that’s absolutely full of old knick-knacks from years ago. Imagine what it’s like for your senior to be living in such conditions. It’s no good for his or her health and wellness to be living in a dirty environment that’s full of clutter, especially if he or she depends on home care in Rock Hill.

If your senior is in this situation, then it’s time to get some spring cleaning action going. Speak with your senior about organizing a cleaning party to go through his or her entire home and do some deep cleaning.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have More Than One Cleaning Session

There’s a good chance that you might miss some parts of the house during the first cleaning session. This is especially true if your senior’s home hasn’t had a good cleaning in a couple of years. Don’t be afraid to split up the cleaning sessions into two or three separate days if you need to. No one on the cleaning party should be stressed to finish everything in one day.

Watch Out for Any Allergies

If there is anyone who suffers from allergies in your cleaning gang, then you had better watch out for this. If your aging parent’s home hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then that dust is going to go flying once you start cleaning. Dust particles can easily activate anyone’s allergies, causing plenty of sneezing and irritation. Make sure anyone who has allergies wears a masks whenever cleaning an especially dusty room.

Get Some New Furniture and Décor Afterwards

You may need to get some new furniture or décor once you’re finished with all of this cleaning. Old items might have been thrown out during the process, and getting something new can make your parent’s home look and feel even fresher. Be sure to leave time after the cleaning is finished to head to the store if you’re wanting to redecorate your senior’s home.

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