Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Feel More Included

Caring for a loved one who is suffering from dementia can be a very tough job.  You know that you’ll have days of perfect clarity and alertness, followed by much worse days where they’ll struggle to communicate and complete the simplest of tasks.

One of the most important things to include in your daily care plan is to ensure that they are included in all possible aspects of everyday life.  Not only that, they need to actually feel included.

Keeping the minds of dementia sufferers stimulated has actually been found to decrease the rate that the illness progresses at.  Patients who feel that they are still making a contribution in life do not suffer from feelings of social exclusion, which is known to adversely affect the symptoms suffered.

It is also believed that dementia sufferers who feel included actually enjoy far more good days than bad.

Including your loved one is everyday life is easy, it can be something as simple as engaging them in regular conversation.  If they have home care in Rock Hill then their caregiver will already be giving them regular companionship.

Engage them in subjects that you know they have an interest in and encourage them to make contributions to the conversation by asking direct questions.  Taking them to places they recognize will not only make them feel comfortable and at ease, it may also make them more likely to start a conversation for themselves, telling you why the place is special to them.

If you are doing activities as a family, then try to make sure the activities chosen are ones that they  can join in with.  They could be something in which you know they have a talent.  Getting them to teach their skills to younger generations is always a good way to keep the brain exercised.

Learning a new skill also keeps the brain working hard, as long as it is something they can physically do, trying new things should never present a problem.

Keeping them doing the tasks they have always done is key to keeping them engaged.  There will be things in the coming months and years that they are not able to do, but changes should only be considered as and when problems arise.

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