Healthy Hiking for Seniors: Proper Preparations are the Key to Success

Study after study has shown walking to be one of the best forms of exercise for seniors.  For seniors living in the beautiful Rock Hill, South Carolina area, hiking is a wonderful way to incorporate a weekly walking regime into a healthy older adult lifestyle.  Walking on a regular basis is known to decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity as well as combat depression and increase your mental acuity.

Some older adults start their exercise walking in the local mall. This type of walking is great preparation for lumbering up your joints and ligaments for the stress of longer-distance hiking if you haven’t done any in a while. When you are ready to hike in River Park or Cherry Park, you and your caregiver or hiking partner need to be aware of certain safety tips specific to seniors so you will have a pleasant hike.

Hiking Preparations for Seniors

Senior adults and senior care Rock Hill companions from service companies such as Always Best Care should plan ahead to have the most successful hiking experience.  The crucial ways to prepare are to:

Get a checkup.

Check with your physician before taking your first hike to be sure you are healthy with no medical precautions to hold you back.

Bring a Backpack.

Wear a lightweight backpack. Use it for storing water, a cell phone and an extra pair of socks.  Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring it along as well. Protect your thinning, aging skin from skin cancer and sun burn.

Dress for the occasion.

Wear comfortable hiking shoes that won’t rub blisters on your feet. Take along an extra pair of socks. Wear comfortable weather-appropriate clothing. Wear a hat to protect your head and neck.

Rest Regularly and Hydrate.

Seniors are more susceptible to hypothermia, heatstroke, and dehydration than younger hikers. On hiking days, you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water while hiking. Joints become stiffer as we age, so do some warm up stretches before setting out on your hike.

Walk with a Partner.

Hike with others if there is a hiking or walking club in your area.  Hike with at least one partner; never try to go out alone.  Your in-home caregiver can be your hiking partner if you’d like to arrange for those services.

If you use the in-home senior care Rock Hill services of ABC, ask for a companion who can be an exercise partner for hikes. To learn more about the non-medical in-home Rock Hill SC services available through ABC or for assisted living Rock Hill SC referrals, call Phil Davidson today at 803-329-0079 or email [email protected].

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