Fighting Off Seasonal Depression Through Hobbies

The holidays are a time for many emotions. Some of them are good emotions and some are not so good. The good emotions include joy, the feeling of warmth you get from family gatherings, relaxing, and the feelings you get from giving back to the community. However, some of the bad feelings come from something called seasonal depression. This is a type of depression that comes from the decreasing temperatures and sunlight during the day. Because of this, you’re likely to feel a bit sad, lonely, or sluggish during the winter months. Even though it is completely normal for you to feel this, it can have pretty negative effects on your mental and physical health, especially for seniors. But, if you’re a senior and receiving elderly care in Rock Hill SC, then there are plenty of ideas for hobbies you can take up to keep your mind off of the depression. Below are some of the top ideas for what you can pick up this holiday season.

  • Want to get out of the house and get moving? A great way to do that is by taking a dance class at any of the dance studios in your local community. Whether it be learning how to do the tango or the waltz, learning to dance comes with a whole host of incredible benefits, especially for mobile seniors. You will see increased flexibility, blood flow to all of those parts of your body that ache, and a big boost to your cognitive processes. Head over to Step South Dance to get your dancing on this holiday season.
  • Another great hobby to pick up is reading. If you’re not an avid reader, don’t worry! Do a quick Google search on some of the top books right now, head over to your local public library, and pick out some new ones to read. During the winter months, we can easily get stuck in our own heads when we’re stuffed up in our homes. However, reading gives us the chance to figuratively transport ourselves to an entirely new place for a bit and live in another world. Plus, it also gives you a boost in the creative department of your brain. The Rock Hill Public Library will have tons of books for you to choose from when you’re feeling bored in December.
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