Exploring Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

What better time to start volunteering in your local community than during the holiday season? The holidays should be all about giving back and paying it forward, no matter what holiday you are celebrating. There are plenty of people and organizations out there who really need some extra help during the holidays. Because of the freezing temperatures, there are those facing homelessness and food insecurity that could really use the extra assistance to make it through the winter. Plus, no one wants to spend the holidays by themselves with no hot meal to go home to. As a senior living in and receiving elderly care in Rock Hill SC, there are a plentitude of opportunities to volunteer in your local community. Below is a list to give you some ideas!

  • One of the best ways for you to get involved with your community is by volunteering at the soup kitchen. When you think about volunteering, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind. And there’s a reason for that because soup kitchens are one of the most popular places to volunteer with during the holidays. Many of those who are living on the streets or who don’t have a sustainable source of food come to soup kitchens to get a nice, hot meal during the holidays. You can help clean up around the facilities or serve/package food for those who come through the doors. Some of the places you can volunteer with include Pilgrims’ Inn and Renew Our Community in Rock Hill. They are going to be really grateful for your assistance.
  • Another of the classic ways to help out during the holiday season is by stopping by and helping with your local homeless shelter. In Rock Hill, you can either work with the Haven Men’s Shelter or Family Promise of York County. These facilities are going to be in need of your assistance during the cold, winter months. Many more of those experiencing homelessness are going to be coming through the doors to get some relief from the winter weather. You can help out by cleaning up around the building, organizing bedding, or helping with any special events they are holding. Simply call them up and ask how you can be of assistance.
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