5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors

Seniors who have received elderly care in Rock Hill, SC, have noticed the massive impact that music can have on their mental and physical health. Of course, this isn’t new information. There have been many studies carried out in this area, with results proving the effectiveness that listening to music can have on seniors. For example, listening to music can reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of negativity. On the other side of the spectrum, music can improve recovery time, awareness and even memory. If that wasn’t impressive enough, here are five more reasons why music is so beneficial for seniors:

1. Reduces the Effects of Dementia

Dementia patients often experience memory loss. However, thanks to the power of music, those memories can often be retrieved. Music is frequently related to a key moment in our past and when we hear the same music in the present, we are often taken back in time. This has proven to be an effective way to help dementia patients unlock memories, since music can reach areas of the brain that other forms of treatment and communication can’t.

2. Increases Brain Activity

Music with a fast and upbeat tempo is ideal for exercising because it helps to get the heart pumping and stimulates the brain. Elderly people may benefit from taking walks with music in their ears. This can encourage physical activity and it also helps to distance feelings of stress, worry and anxiety.

3. Decreases the Feeling of Loneliness

Many elderly people tend to feel lonely. Music can bring people together and will decrease this lonely sensation that often plagues the minds of seniors. Joining the local choir or dancing lessons is an excellent way to encourage seniors to socialize with other people of the same age.

4. Improves Co-Ordination

Listening to music can help elderly people to focus more on their co-ordination skills. The pulsing beat of the music often acts as a guide, helping seniors to better control their movements and improve their mobility.

5. Speedy Recovery Time

If a senior relative has suffered an accident, music may be able to help speed up recovery time. Of course, it can’t cure everything but it does help elderly people to feel more relaxed and happy. Sometimes, the mind can have a bigger impact on the recovery process than you might think. Music can help to improve mental health and this in turn can often improve physical health as well.

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