5 Day Trip Ideas for Seniors

Taking a day trip can relieve stress and provide seniors with a much needed change of scenery. You don’t have to travel far to have a good time. Simply explore your own city and you may come across new experiences you never thought possible.
Always Best Care provides excellent in-home care in Rock Hill, SC. We decided to approach the owner, Phil Davidson, to ask him a few questions about the best day trips that Rock Hill has to offer. Here are the top five that made the final cut:

1. Bowling for the Day

People tend to underestimate seniors. Most of them aren’t as weak as you would imagine. In fact, many elderly people are expert bowlers and know how to achieve a great strike or two. A day out at the bowling alley is a great way to pass the time, have some competitive fun and meet other people. Rock Hill is home to at least two different bowling venues, so take your pick!

2. Museum of York County

This fascinating museum is situated in Mount Gallant Rd, Rock Hill. It showcases a range of entertaining exhibits including over 200 mounted African animals, artifacts and intricate landscapes of the 1400s. Visiting this original museum is a great day out for seniors, who will be interested in discovering more about the history of Rock Hill and learning about their ancestors.

3. Glencairn Gardens

Elderly people often enjoy a relaxing stroll through beautiful walkways and blossoming gardens. This activity is perfect for seniors because they can travel at their own pace. There are no rushing crowds and no pressure. Take your time as you venture through the park which was originally the back garden of David and Hazel Bigger back in 1928.

4. Attend a Music Event

Old Town Amphitheater often hosts special music events throughout the year. The seating is well-spaced out and provides plenty of room for seniors to relax and enjoy some talented musical performances.

5. Trip to the Countryside

If you are tired of the city and want to experience the beauty of nature, pack a picnic and spend the day in the countryside. Seniors will appreciate the scenery and quiet surroundings of the country. They may even get lucky enough to spot a squirrel or a few jumping rabbits in the fields.

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