Role of Companionship Services in Improving Senior Health and Well-being

Depression and isolation are growing concerns when it comes to older adults. As seniors age, they may become less mobile and engaged in the community around them, and lose touch with their friends. If they no longer drive or have trouble getting around, they are less likely to be spending time with their friends and going to social events. According to a study conducted in 2009, people with fewer social ties suffer more from anxiety, depression, and heart disease. Loneliness also increases risk of accidents, suicides, or death from heart diseases.

Companionship services offer older adults the much needed connections which help them feel more involved and cared about. They are able to form a bond with an in-home caregiver because there is a regular contact and a friendship naturally evolves. Knowing that the caregiver will be present a couple of hours a day/week can be quite comforting and gives your elderly family member something that they can look forward to. Some of the main benefits of companionship services are –

• Decreased Isolation
• Increased Mental Stimulation
• Physical Activity
• Peace of Mind

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