Important Steps to prevent Senior Abuse

It is very unfortunate that a serious problem like senior abuse goes unnoticed many times. As a senior’s memory & mobility decline, it becomes easier for people to take their advantage. There are various forms of senior abuse, including:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Self-neglect
  • Exploitation
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse

Taking Steps to Prevent Senior Abuse

There are ways that you can be proactive in helping to prevent senior abuse and keep your loved one safe.

  • Research the care providers when looking for in home care services for your loved one.
  • Always stay in touch with your loved one and be alert for any warning signs that may indicate senior abuse.
  • Keep your senior active by ensuring they have enough opportunities to engage and interact with others.
  • Don’t ever feel obliged to take on the responsibility of a caregiver on your own. If you are unable to make time to care for your elderly family member, look for a trusted caregiver.

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