Companion Animals are Important for the Elderly

Companion animals play an important role in the life of older adults. According to many studies, people who own pets are less likely to suffer from depression than those without them. Companion animals have been shown to provide a host of benefits to the owners. They can be a source of –

Sense of Purpose – Caring for a pet gives a sense of purpose to the senior. Grooming, feeding, walking and playing with them offers seniors an opportunity to be in a caring and nurturing role, instead of being restricted to a ‘cared for’ role. Knowing that the pet is entirely dependent on them for everything can make them feel important and needed.

Companionship and friendship – For some seniors, pets may be their only friend, especially if they are living on their own.

Affection – Dogs do not judge, are always there to listen, and give unconditional love. For seniors, owning a companion animal means having someone to talk to and interact with around the clock.

Social support – Usually, pets act as social catalysts, allowing better person-to-person interactions. Taking them outside for a walk gets seniors up and moving around. It also becomes easier for them to connect with others when they have a pet by their side.

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