Assisted Living Services In Greenwood & Anderson

Senior housing is not limited to just nursing homes, as there are several other living options where your loved one can get assistance in daily living. In Greenwood and Anderson regions, the other senior housing option is Assisted Living communities.

Elders, who do not want to spend their retirement years in an institutionalized life, Assisted Living is the perfect solution in Greenwood. It is the bridge between in-home care and nursing homes, where the care requirements are completed skillfully. Not only it eases families’ worries about elders’ care, but also it allows seniors to live independently.

We, at Always Best Care of Greater Greenwood, offer Assisted Living homes referral services free of cost for clients in Anderson and nearby regions. We aim to help families that seek safe and suitable assisted living facilities for their elders. In Greenwood and Anderson, we cover various counties including Anderson, Abbeville, Greenwood, McCormick, Edgefield, Saluda, and Laurens. Since 2009, our care coordinators have helped many families find the most suitable Assisted Living community for elders.

FREE Assisted Living Services

We have partnered with Assisted Living communities in Anderson and surrounding areas to advice clients on the services they offer. These communities compensate the agency, which is how we offer free of cost community referrals.

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In our referral services, we guide families to Assisted Living communities, which are an alternative for seniors to live independently in a comfortable and safe setting. Assisted Living communities are planned with elders in mind. In these communities, your elderly family member will have caregivers for daily living assistance along with the social and recreational opportunities to maintain their quality of life.

At Assisted Living communities, seniors can benefit from services like transportation, housekeeping, and meal management provided by trained and experienced caregivers. For seniors with any health issues, caregivers will be there for medication management and care. Assisted Living is an ideal setting for elders with dementia or Alzheimer’s too, as caregivers can assist with memory care programming to improve your loved one’s health.

At ABC, we match clients with top Assisted Living communities in the region according to clients’individual needs, available budgets and custom screening. We personally escort clients and their families on a tour of the matched communities. However, clients are under no obligation to select one of the suggested communities.

To find the most suitable Assisted Living community for your elder, call us at (864) 229-1211 and benefit from our free referral services.